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Work4 Labs and the next generation of recruiting

Hiring is one of the most crucial pieces in building a business. This is true for a founding team bringing on employee number one, a Fortune 500 company expanding into a new country, and everyone in between. Recruiting the right people positively impacts all aspects of business. The fact that it is a $400bn market only underscores its importance. However, recruiting and hiring techniques have not adapted as fast as potential recruits. In 2011, less than 5% of recruiting was done using social media channels, but more than 15% of time spent online was spent on social networks. Enter Work4 Labs. Read More

Helping to Build the Big Data Ecosystem for Normals

Distributed systems are hard. They are hard to set up, hard to program to, and hard to maintain. What is more, this has been the case for decades. And yet, the incredible success of the shining stars of the "Big Data" movement— Google, Amazon and Facebook— has come about directly as a result of their ability to harness massive distributed systems infrastructure for the sake of data storage and analytics. For companies looking to follow these leaders, the Hadoop open source project and its associated ecosystem of subprojects have been an incredibly powerful source of leverage. Read More

Meteor – The next Ruby-on-Rails?

Pretty much every aspect of our lives is being changed by software. Software has the power to delight, entertain, help us communicate, simplify our work, enhance our creativity, connect us to old friends, and so much more. However writing good software is still a complex process that takes too long, and requires too much expertise. Addressing that pain is what makes Matrix’s latest investment, Meteor, so interesting. Read More