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My Move to Matrix

I’m constantly pushing and questioning myself to make sure I’m both on the right path and working towards the highest impact goals. I’ve been unbelievably fortunate and lucky to have the opportunities I have had and people around me that believe in me and help open doors. As I considered and spoke with people about what might be next over the last few months, I received a number of questions that largely boil down to the following: Square’s an incredible place with wonderful people and they’re truly trying to change the world (which I love), so why would I even think of leaving? And if I did leave, why would I go into venture?

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Welcoming Eric Grosse and James Beriker to Matrix as Entrepreneurs in Residence

For decades, Matrix has hosted entrepreneurs and executives from our network as Entrepreneurs In Residence or Executives In Residence. Many of our successful portfolio companies, in fact, came out of incubation being done by EIRs in our offices. To that end, the Matrix team is pleased to welcome Eric Grosse and James Beriker as Entrepreneurs in Residence in our Silicon Valley office. Read More

Treat your Angels Right

Before joining Matrix, I’ve had some experience with seed investors – I had a dozen or so of them at Betfair (Flutter), my first company, and then made a number of investments myself when my entrepreneurial investments began to bear fruit. The following advice comes out of my experience, and while I was not terrible at it, I can’t claim I did this perfectly as a founder – you learn from what you do wrong as well as right. Read More