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Stan really digs in to understand your business. He asks scary questions, which is healthy. During fundraising Stan talked about how Matrix is all about team building, and that has proven to be true. Stan introduced us to our CEO, and has been very helpful with the hiring process, including members of the technical team. - Alan Lund, Co-founder, Xtalic

Stan Reiss is passionate about bringing cutting edge technology to market. Since joining Matrix over a decade ago, he has invested primarily in companies developing technically sophisticated components, systems, and software. His investments include Acacia Communications, a 100 Gbps optical communications company; Fastback Networks, a new class of intelligent wireless transport devices; QPID, electronic health record analytics software; Qualtre, a start-up developing novel MEMS-based inertial sensors; and Xtalic, a nanostructured metal alloy and coating company.

Stan joined Matrix in the summer of 2000.  He had previously spent time helping technology companies refine their strategies and operations in McKinsey & Company’s electronics practice as well as developing Ethernet chips at National Semiconductor.

Stan was born in Gdansk, a shipbuilding city in the north of Poland, and grew up at a time of social unrest and martial law.  He and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 1982.  Stan began programming in junior high, and in high school he worked for a semiconductor test equipment start-up, where he coded software that enabled a probe to take optical measurements of wafers.

He received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Cornell University, two engineering masters’ degrees from MIT (focused on communications networking), and an MBA from the Harvard Business School (where he was a Baker Scholar).

Outside of the office Stan can be found working on remodeling projects at home, hiking with and coaching his kids in New England, or skiing in the Rockies or Canada.

Stan Reiss

General Partner, Boston
Assistant: Anne Goodwin
agoodwin@matrixpartners.com LinkedIn

Areas of Interest

Internet Infrastructure, Security, Robotics, and Digital Health


McKinsey & Co.: Consultant in Electronics Practice

National Semiconductor: Chip Designer


Cornell University, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S., Electrical Engineering, M.S. Operations Research

Harvard Business School, M.B.A., Baker Scholar