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Stan is not just an investor–he’s been a partner since our founding, and remains the first person we turn to for advice. His deep understanding of our technology and business, combined with his integrity, passion, and ability to zero in on the important issues make him an ideal partner. What is important to us now is very different than when we were just three founders. Stan’s support on everything from strategy, to key hires, to making our company an attractive workplace, has always been exactly on point. - Benny Mikkelsen, Co-founder and CTO, Acacia Communications, Inc.

A lifetime techie, Stan is driven by helping exceptional technologists grow their ideas into widely used products and services.

Born in Gdansk, a shipbuilding city in the north of Poland, Stan grew up at a time of social unrest and martial law. Computers were a novelty only seen at Dad’s office, and rotary dial phone calls were arranged by reservation.  When he and his family immigrated to the U.S. in 1982, Stan was amazed by the impact prevalent technology had on everyone’s life. He didn’t speak English but he could “talk” to the school’s Commodore Pet computer, and began coding at a young age. 

Stan joined Matrix in 2000 after many years of engineering education, time spent developing chips at National Semiconductor, and learning how to talk to humans and think revenues and profits while with McKinsey’s technology practice.

At Matrix, Stan seeks out entrepreneurs looking to build companies founded upon disruptive technical innovation. His ambition is to utilize his combination of technical and market experience to help founders turn those innovations into thriving, profitable enterprises. Stan has partnered with tech entrepreneurs in a variety of areas, including communications (e.g., Acacia Communications), digital health (e.g., QPID), enterprise software (e.g., Mitro, Hyper9), components and materials (Xtalic). 

His current interests include enterprise Internet infrastructure (especially security, applications of data and reasoning, and IT effectiveness), robotics, and digital health. He’s also unashamedly excited by any novel idea in an area no one’s thought of yet – after all it’s the innovators, not the VCs, that tend to identify the exciting new directions of technical progress.

Outside of the office Stan can be found outdoors: hiking, cycling, skiing, or cheering his kids on in various sports.

Follow Stan on Twitter @stanreiss and read more from the Matrix General Partners on forEntrepreneurs.com.

Stan Reiss

General Partner, Boston
sreiss at matrixpartners dot com
Assistant: Myya Daigle
myya at matrixpartners dot com LinkedIn

Areas of Interest

Internet Infrastructure, Security, Robotics, and Digital Health


McKinsey & Co.: Consultant in Electronics Practice

National Semiconductor: Chip Designer


Cornell University, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.S., Electrical Engineering, M.S. Operations Research

Harvard Business School, M.B.A., Baker Scholar