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Paul is uniquely gifted in his ability to deconstruct the most complex challenges to result in compelling solutions. Equally impressive is his ability to apply this talent to all aspects of business including technology creation, market assessment, and customer acquisition. Seldom do you encounter someone with Paul’s technical capacity who also so well understands how to create economic value from technical breakthroughs. - Rick DeGabrielle, CEO of Arroyo Video Solutions

Paul Sherer joined Matrix Partners in 2010 as a Venture Partner. He is an unabashed technologist. Paul defines technology as a technical endeavor in the creation of economic value. He thrives on working with people who have passion for both aspects of technology. With a background that includes avionics, directed energy systems and computer systems, Paul has brought his passion for technology to many diverse efforts.

In 2002, Paul founded Arroyo Video Solutions and served as CEO. Arroyo focused on IP delivery of entertainment as MSO and Telco services. By the time of acquisition by Cisco in late 2006 Arroyo counted many of the top North American MSO’s and Telco’s among its customers.  Prior to Arroyo, Paul was CTO of 3Com Corporation where his technology strategy and technical concepts played a key role in growing 3Com annual revenue from $10 million to $6 billion during his tenure. Paul has contributed to a very large number of patents in several fields including High Energy Systems, Multimedia and Video Transport, Storage Systems, File Systems, Security, Packet Switching and Routing, Network Protocols, Physical Layer Signaling, Software Optimization, Distributed I/O Optimization and Systemic Auto-configuration. Paul has contributed to the development of several standards and was editor-in-chief of the Fast Ethernet Standard and founding chair of the Ethernet Alliance. Paul’s undergraduate and postgraduate education was at the University of Alabama.

Paul Sherer

Venture Partner, Silicon Valley
Assistant: Greta Harrison
gharrison@matrixpartners.com LinkedIn

Areas of Interest

Communications, storage, security, video and multimedia, cloud computing, mobile infrastructure, mobile applications


Cisco, CTO, Video and Content

Arroyo Video Solutions, Founder and CEO



University of Alabama, undergraduate and postgraduate