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We have worked with a lot of VC’s and Josh Hannah is in an entirely different league. Josh thinks about things more as a guy running a company than a typical VC. This means a lot when you consider his experiences as a successful entrepreneur. He knows what he’s doing, knows our space, and serves as an outstanding mentor. We couldn’t ask for a better partner as we build our business. - JustFab Co-founder and Co-CEO, Adam Goldenberg

Josh Hannah has been fortunate to make a career of founding and building companies and helping other entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of start-up life.

Josh’s career as an entrepreneur began with the unconventional idea of turning sports wagering into an efficient financial transaction by using an online exchange to execute bets. In 1999, he co-founded Betfair.com and revolutionized the gaming industry by building the world’s first online marketplace for sports betting.  Today, Betfair is publicly-traded on the London Stock Exchange (BET.L) and manages more than $50 billion in transactions each year.

In 2004, he and a partner purchased eHow, an ailing, Web 1.0, how-to directory.  Josh and his partner restructured eHow by outsourcing content creation to the community and employing then-new advertising and search engine optimization techniques. In six weeks, they had earned enough from advertising to pay off the cost of the purchase. They increased revenue and traffic 30-fold before selling the company to Demand Media.

Long a passionate angel investor, he joined Matrix Partners as a general partner in early 2009 and turned a love of backing great founders into a career.  “The key lessons I learned as an angel was to begin and end with the entrepreneur, because the great ones find a path to success, regardless of the obstacles.”  Angel investments in great companies such as HotelTonight, Angellist, and Minted.com all emerged from investing in amazing entrepreneurs with very different visions. 

Since joining Matrix, he has continued partnering with exceptional founding teams through investments in AssetAvenue, Bee Cave Games, Canva, Huddle, Inflection, JustFabulous, Kinnek, Koding, Quora, RocksBox, Taulia and Vulcun.

Follow Josh on Twitter @jdh and read more from the Matrix General Partners on forEntrepreneurs.com.

Josh Hannah just gets it. He knows how to spot a growth opportunity and rapidly scale without losing control of what makes a company great. We always take away valuable, practical lessons from Josh. He’s hands on, dedicated, and accessible. We could not have picked a better VC partner for our business.

Matthew Monahan, Inflection Co-founder and CEO

Josh Hannah

General Partner, Silicon Valley
jhannah at matrixpartners dot com
Assistant: Greta Harrison
gharrison at matrixpartners dot com Quora


Areas of Interest

Web marketplaces, online and offline gambling, innovative online retail models, online media and publishing, mobile content and commerce, SaaS


Betfair: Co-founder (originally Flutter.com)

eHow: CEO

Bain & Co.: Consultant (an education masquerading as a job)


University of California, Berkeley, BA, Economics

Stanford Graduate School of Business, MBA