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Dana literally helped me transform and accelerate our business from the minute he joined Zong’s board of directors. Dana is first and foremost a phenomenal operator turned venture capitalist. This gives him a huge edge as he's been close to the fire, and he's a great judge of talent. I particularly appreciated his directness and style that enabled us to have very meaningful and efficient conversations. - David Marcus, GM of Facebook Messaging, Zong Founder, former PayPal President

Dana Stalder knows what it takes to turn a scrappy start-up into a strong, independent company. Dana has managed nimble ventures as well as 2,500-person teams. He has sat on both sides of the table in acquisition talks and sold to consumers, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. His experience cuts across multiple disciplines including sales, marketing, finance, technology and product management at companies such as eBay, Netscape and PayPal.

“My goal each day is to help entrepreneurs get where they want to go. I have been in their shoes, struggling to launch new businesses, and I have scaled high-growth public companies,” he says. “I am passionate about identifying future leaders and helping them develop and use their individual talents to make a lasting impact.”

Dana was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and studied business and economics at Santa Clara University. After college he worked at Ernst & Young advising technology companies such as Quantum, Sun Microsystems, Remedy, Netscape, and Intuit.

In 1994 he left to help build Netscape, then a nascent, few-month-old, pre-revenue company defining the ways in which consumers and enterprises were going to use the Internet. In his four-year tenure, Dana held several executive positions in finance, sales and operations. 

Dana left Netscape after its sale to AOL in 1998 and became a member of the founding team of Respond.com, an early pioneer in online lead generation. There, he served as the company’s Vice President of Business Development and Chief Financial Officer.

Dana joined eBay in 2001. As Vice President of Internet Marketing, Dana managed the company’s global customer acquisition strategy and a hundred million-dollar Internet marketing budget. Dana was also responsible for eBay’s Strategic Partnership Group, which generated several hundred million in revenue from third party partnerships and media sales. 

In 2004 Dana joined PayPal, where he managed all business operations, including product, sales, marketing and, eventually, technology. Dana started PayPal’s international business from scratch, and led PayPal’s expansion beyond the eBay platform onto other online retail sites. He also initiated a number of other startup projects, including PayPal Mobile and the PayPal Developer Platform.

Dana left PayPal in 2008 to join Matrix Partners, where he invests predominantly in FinTech, Consumer Marketplaces, and Enterprise Software.

Follow Dana on Twitter @dcstalder and read more from the Matrix General Partners on forEntrepreneurs.com.

Dana Stalder is one of the most helpful partners you can have on your side. His advice is always relevant and grounded in reality. He genuinely cares both about the well-being and growth of the venture as well as the people involved. I recommend Dana without reservation and hope to work with him again and again.

Pasha Sadri, Polyvore Co-founder

Dana is always accessible, and he has been a huge asset to Zendesk. He really gets our business and fits in perfectly with our team. Dana collaborates and inspires through friendly debate. He contributes unique insight and has the company-building experience to back it up.

Mikkel Svane, Zendesk Founder and CEO

Dana has been instrumental to our development and success. As our first outside director, Dana was key to the formation and formalization of our board. His extensive business and Internet experience and counsel have been invaluable to us as we have evolved as a company and navigated our rapidly changing industry over time.

Doug Valenti, QuinStreet Founder and CEO

Dana’s strong background in product management, sales and finance has been invaluable to iRise. His combination of operational experience in successful businesses that cater to large enterprises, small businesses and consumers is truly unique. We constantly challenge ourselves to tune our product and business strategy in order to further increase our competitive advantage. Dana has supported us every step of the way and consistently provides valuable new insights, ideas and feedback.

Emmet Keeffe, iRise Co-founder and CEO

Dana Stalder

General Partner, Silicon Valley
dana at matrixpartners dot com
Assistant: Hilary Benjamin
hilary at matrixpartners dot com

Areas of Interest

FinTech, Consumer Marketplaces and Enterprise Software


PayPal: Senior Vice President of Product, Sales, Marketing and Technology

eBay: Vice President of Internet Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Respond.com: founding executive team, Vice President of Business Development & Chief Financial Officer

Netscape: Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Operations, Sales & Service


Santa Clara University, BS, Commerce