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Antonio is one of the most insightful and passionate VCs (and friends) I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I remember when I first showed him the Rift, he immediately understood the potential impact, as well as the challenges we faced on the path to that future. Antonio threw all his energy behind helping us solve our hardest product and strategy questions, and I’m incredibly grateful he took the leap of faith and became a key part of this journey. - Brendan Iribe, CEO & co-founder, Oculus

Having been an engineer, product manager, founder, CEO, and executive, Antonio came to Matrix to back founders who think big and paint a picture of a future that is original and compelling.

Originally a native of Venezuela, Antonio’s love of technology began when he learned to program on an Apple II as a nine year old.  That early spark inspired him to become a hacker and serial entrepreneur.

Immediately before Matrix, Antonio was CTO of HP’s consumer Imaging and Printing division where he led a wide array of projects in the areas of mass customization, e-reading, mobile platforms, and next generation web platforms for content consumption.

He came to HP through the acquisition of Tabblo, where he was founder and CEO.  Tabblo, a Matrix-backed company, was a high-end photo site focused on bringing together the viral nature of online content publishing with the high margins of digital printing.

Prior to that, Antonio held a variety of engineering, product, and business development roles at MyPublisher (currently the leading photo book manufacturer in the US), abuzz Technologies (acquired by the New York Times), and the Boston Consulting Group.

Antonio’s area of focus include predictive analytics, post PC platforms, digital fabrication, and education technology.

For more on Antonio, check out his blog where he writes about technology, entrepreneurship, and whatever happens to be consuming his cycles. At the moment that consists of building an autonomous drone that broadcasts compelling iBeacon messages as it thoroughly confuses hipsters in search of their free kale smoothies.

Follow Antonio on Twitter @antrod and read more from the Matrix General Partners on forEntrepreneurs.com.

Some posts:

Antonio brings a rare combination of intuitive, long-range vision around defining technology trends and the pragmatism of a startup founder who's had to make real-life, tough decisions. He bet on The Echo Nest on the strength of our technology and his anticipation of where the space was heading. Then, he really helped me and the team scale the business and carve out our leadership position. He is always willing to work alongside the team -- whether it's helping to recruit great talent, working through product strategy or helping you get to the right person to close a deal.

Jim Lucchese, CEO, Echo Nest (now Spotify)

Antonio Rodriguez

General Partner, Boston
antonio at matrixpartners dot com
Assistant: Myya Daigle
myya at matrixpartners dot com

Previous Investments

Echo Nest (acquired by Spotify)
Oculus VR (acquired by Facebook)

Areas of Interest

Consumer Internet, mobile, software, Internet infrastructure



Tabblo, founder & CEO

MyPublisher, VP of Engineering



The Boston Consulting Group


Harvard University, AB Phi Beta Kappa

Stanford University, MBA