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press room

Press Kit

  • Team bios & images
  • Tim Barrows
    Tim Barrows General Partner
  • Phyllis Doherty
    Phyllis Doherty Administrative Partner
  • Lisa Donahue
    Lisa Donahue Controller
  • Paul Ferri
    Paul Ferri Founding and General Partner
  • Josh Hannah
    Josh Hannah General Partner
  • Scott Khanna
    Scott Khanna Executive Search
  • Hardi Meybaum
    Hardi Meybaum General Partner
  • Stan Reiss
    Stan Reiss General Partner
  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez General Partner
  • David Skok
    David Skok General Partner
  • Dana Stalder
    Dana Stalder General Partner
  • Ilya Sukhar
    Ilya Sukhar General Partner
  • Anoushka Vaswani
    Anoushka Vaswani Senior Associate
  • Andy Verhalen
    Andy Verhalen General Partner
  • Matrix Partners Boiler Plate

Matrix Partners works with visionary founders of early-stage startups to amplify their potential. Our general partners blend deep experience with personal commitment to support founders from start to success. Recent Matrix investments include Oculus VR, Zendesk, Hubspot, Acacia Communications, Polyvore, Lever, Poynt and Namely. Founded in 1977, Matrix Partners has East and West Coast offices (San Francisco and Cambridge) as well as offices in Shanghai, Bejiing, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Reach us at www.matrixpartners.com and @MatrixPartners.

Press Inquiries

press@matrixpartners.com 408-960-6630