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Zions Bancorporation Uses Tealeaf to Improve Online Customer Experience

Leading Bank Optimizes Award-Winning Online Application, Improves Internet Call Center Effectiveness With Tealeaf

June 15, 2011
Press Release

Tealeaf┬«, the leader in online customer experience management software (CEM), announced today that Zions Bancorporation is using Tealeaf as a foundational component of its online customer experience initiative. Tealeaf’s technology provides Zions with insight into the online experience of its customers, enabling the leading financial services firm to make significant and ongoing improvements to its website, discover opportunities to optimize the flow of its online application forms and provide call center agents real-time visibility into the experiences of online banking customers.

“Tealeaf has played a significant role in allowing us to better understand the pain points of our customers,” said Matt Wilcox, Director, Interactive Services at Zions Bancorporation. “Using Tealeaf, we can uncover things like usability issues that can cause customers to fall off the site. Looking at the actual user sessions via Tealeaf’s replay capabilities, we can understand the actual experiences of our customers. It’s second to none in providing answers about why our online customers behave as they do.”

Tealeaf helps organizations understand how their customers interact with their businesses online. It provides complete visibility into what customers see and do from their computers, tablets and mobile devices—for every online customer, every interaction, every time. These capabilities enable organizations to optimize their online channels by detecting and eliminating the obstacles that prevent customers from transacting online.

Tealeaf played a significant role in Zions Bancorporation’s redesign of its online banking application, which was subsequently recognized with a Celent Model Bank Award in the category of online account opening.

“The approach and the flow of the application were heavily influenced by Tealeaf,” said Brett Haymond, Vice President, Finance and Analytics at Zions Bancorporation. “Tealeaf provided the insight and the support we needed to not only pitch that we needed a new application, but also provided the direction on which way to go and how to scope the flow for the application process.”

How Zions Bancorporation Has Benefited from Tealeaf CEM:

  *With the visibility provided by Tealeaf, Zions was able to develop a best-in-class application for which the pull-through rate increased by 70% over the previous application process.

  *Zions’ Internet call center team is able to access online customer sessions in real-time to quickly resolve issues while the customer is on the phone.

  *Website issues discovered in Tealeaf are resolved much more quickly, as development teams save significant time in trying to replicate the problem.

“Customer Experience Management brings tremendous value to financial services companies like Zions Bancorporation, which rely on online customer self-service,” said Geoff Galat, vice president of worldwide marketing for Tealeaf. “However, online banking can raise the risk of providing an unsatisfying experience. We’re glad to play a role in helping Zions to streamline their online applications and to ensure that each customer has a satisfying online experience.”

About Tealeaf

Tealeaf provides online customer experience management solutions and is the leader in customer behavior analysis. Tealeaf’s CEM solutions include both a customer behavior analysis suite and customer service optimization suite. For organizations that are making customer experience a top priority, these solutions provide unprecedented enterprise-wide visibility into every visitor’s unique online interactions for ongoing analysis and web site optimization. Online executive stakeholders from ebusiness and IT to customer service and compliance are leveraging Tealeaf to build a customer experience management competency across the organization. Founded in 1999, Tealeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is privately held. For more information, visit www.tealeaf.com

About Zions Bancorporation

Zions Bancorporation is one of the nation’s premier financial services companies, consisting of a collection of great banks in select Western markets. Zions operates its banking businesses under local management teams and community identities through approximately 500 offices in 10 Western and Southwestern states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. The Company is a national leader in Small Business Administration lending and public finance advisory services. In addition, Zions is included in the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Financial 100 indices. Investor information and links to subsidiary banks can be accessed at www.zionsbancorporation.com.

Zions Bancorporation Uses Tealeaf to Improve Online Customer Experience

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