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Zendesk Eyes Southeast Asian Expansion

September 03, 2012
by Jacky Yap

Joel Spolsky said this: “Listen to your customers, not your competitors”, painting out the importance of actively engaging and listening to your customers. David Weekly, founder of PBWorks, highlighted modelling your user in his Three Steps of Epiphany presentation at Echelon 2012.
Zendesk, a leading provider of proven, cloud-based help desk software has an extensive experience in customer service and engagement. To date, they have serviced more than 20,000 customers. Some of its clients include Adobe, MSNBC, Sony, and Groupon.

Zendesk background and product

Zendesk is founded in 2007 in a loft in Denmark by Mikkel Svane (Chief Executive Officer), Morten Primdahl (Chief Technology Officer) and Alexander Aghassipour (Chief Product Officer). The company is also funded by prominent funds such as Charles River Ventures, Benchmark Capital as well as Matrix Partners.

Zendesk is the fastest way to enable great customer service. Being cloud-based, Zendesk is ready to use as soon as you create an account. Users do not have to worry about servers or software updates. Zendesk is available anywhere, anytime, from PCs to mobile devices. In addition, Zendesk allows organizations to engage customers no matter where and how they want to connect. Zendesk supports multiple customer service channels including voice, the web, email, Twitter, online chat, blogs, community forums, knowledge bases, and more.

Zendesk Integrations

Zendesk integrates with leading business software including Salesforce, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Atlassian JIRA, Google Analytics, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, GoodData, and 70 more. By integrating with leading analytics, authentication, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and email applications, Zendesk works “right out of the box” with other solutions used to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Expansion to Southeast Asia

Zendesk has grown over the last few years and it has always enjoyed the support from Asian customers. According to Michael Hansen, VP and MD of APAC Zendesk, Zendesk’s customers in Asia comes primarily from Indonesia, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, as well as the Philippines. For the Philippines, its customer’s growth has tripled last year. Due to the huge growth in the Asian region, the company is actively seeking to strengthen their foothold here. The company has plans to set up offices in  Manila and Singapore to provide more support to its Asian clientele. In Singapore, some of the companies that are using Zendesk includes Singtel, Viki, as well as Splaype

Importance of listening to customer’s feedback

When asked what are the most common problem faced by consumers when they want to feedback about a particular product, Michael shared that most businesses still fail to understand the importance of treating all their customers as businesses. Nowadays, customer wants to be able to reach out to a support representative instantly. Gone are the days where you have to wait for an automated operator to redirect you to the correct support representative. This shift is driven by the rise of social media which provides customers new avenues to voice out their complaints. Hence, businesses have to start listening and engaging their customers through these new channels as well.

Message from Michael Hansen

“Our growth mostly comes from organic growth. This is a huge testimony from our satisfied customers. So do give Zendesk a try. It takes only 15 minutes to truly experience Zendesk and there are no credit card involved.”

Zendesk Eyes Southeast Asian Expansion

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