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What Are Your Kids Doing While You're Somewhere Else? Keep Up With Karoo

September 25, 2012
by Jeana

When my kids get home from school, they're not always the most forthcoming in describing their days to me. (Although I do know a lot about recess.) I miss their daycare days, when I would get full reports from their caregivers on funny things they said, activities they did and what their overall days were like.

As a working mom, I really appreciate having insight to their days and hope that I can get our caregivers and teachers on board with this super new app.

Launched by Care.com the Karoo app is essentially a private social network that lets you correspond with family, friends and caregivers to get updates on kids, along with pictures, videos and milestones that can be shared as they grow.

If you're away from your kids throughout the day, Karoo is a great way for you to get updates on kids' activities from their caregivers, that's richer than what texting and SMS can offer. The interface is very easy to use and is reminiscent of Facebook, the main difference being that you can create a very small circle of people to share updates with. But in terms of posting updates and commenting, it's quite similar. And aside from using it to get updates, it's nice to have a more private and centralized way of sharing photos and videos with family members and friends.

I bet there are a whole lot of grandparents who would love to use this to document all the spoiling they're doing on their days with the grandkids.

For the people you want to add to your Karoo network who don't have an iPhone, there is also a web-based Karoo site. I'm really hoping our teachers will jump one board, so I don't have to continue asking 20 questions to know what the kids did all day. 

What Are Your Kids Doing While You're Somewhere Else? Keep Up With Karoo

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