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VintageTub.com Increases Natural Search Market Share With Conductor Searchlight

February 15, 2011
Press Release

VintageTub.com, one of the top 100 online retail sites in the US, is growing their customer base by utilizing Searchlight to expand their SEO programs. The enterprise SEO platform used by more brands than any other solution is empowering online retailers with the visibility they need to scale SEO programs and drive revenue.

VintageTub.com has chosen Searchlight because it provides them with a scalable SaaS platform, able to manage SEO programs for limitless volumes of keywords across thousands of products without the loss of visibility or tracking associated with other SEO solutions.

“In a highly competitive market like ours it is vitally important to continue to expand our SEO efforts,” said Jason Puso, CEO of VintageTub.com. “Only Searchlight was able to provide us with the scalable tracking, visibility and competitive intelligence we needed as we continue to grow our business.”

VintageTub.com will utilize the Searchlight SEO platform to:

  * Scale SEO programs and improve their search ranking across thousands of individual keyword terms to drive measurable results.

  * Gain complete SEO visibility into competitive strategies and tactics to increase their natural search ROI.

  * Discover new SEO opportunities to expand brand visibility and increase online customer acquisition.

“Searchlight is an SEO solution designed for any company that wants to achieve a competitive edge in natural search,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor. “We’re thrilled that a company with a long history of SEO success like VintageTub.com has chosen Searchlight to take their growth to the next level.”

About Conductor Searchlight

Conductor Searchlight is the leading SEO solution for marketers who want to take control of their brand’s search rankings and grow natural search traffic. Searchlight collects and analyzes endless amounts of data so marketers can easily identify challenges in their strategy and improve their search ranking. Searchlight makes it possible for marketers to scale and manage natural search like any other marketing program, monitor their competitive market share and continually improve their SEO program. Leading brands such as Monster .com, Siemens, Toys “R” Us, Autodesk and GE rely on the company’s technology solutions and expert team to continually measure and improve their natural search traffic and revenue.

VintageTub.com Increases Natural Search Market Share With Conductor Searchlight

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