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VideoIQ Announces Availability of VideoIQ VIEW 3.1

Advanced Rules, ATM Vestibule Monitoring, and iOSMobile Device SupportNow Available

April 05, 2011
Press Release

VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, today announced the availability of version 3.1 of its advanced video management system (VMS), VideoIQ VIEW™ along with a firmware upgrade for the complete line of VideoIQ family of iCVR cameras and encoders. VideoIQ’s latest version introduces an extensive list of new rules, advanced ATM Vestibule monitoring, and support for iOSmobile device access on VideoIQ’s iCVR-HD cameras.

VideoIQ VIEW™ is an advanced VMS with unique capabilities based on real-time video analytics, high-definition resolution and distributed storage.  VideoIQ VIEW™ allows operators to effectively and efficiently monitor hundreds of high-definition and standard resolutions cameras by automatically alerting individuals to potential threats, delivering rapid intelligent search for incidents, object types and particular individuals, while managing a network of hundreds of cameras and encoders with embedded storage.

The VideoIQ iCVR line of cameras and encoders deliver real-time threat detection while eliminating the need for external third party Network Video Recorders (NVR), Digital Video Recorders (DVR), dramatically simplifying system complexity and costs while reducing bandwidth consumption by over 90%. And with 100% self-calibrating adaptive analytics, customers achieve the greatest accuracy and lowest false alarm rate in the industry while eliminating the need to manually calibrate the system over the lifetime of the device – further reducing system costs and complexity.

This latest release of VideoIQ VIEW™ and iCVR firmware expands upon previous versions and now includes:

  * Advanced Video Analytic Rules – VideoIQ has further expanded the set of supported analytic rules delivering even greater detection specificity and flexibility.  For example, these new rules can enable the detection of entry and exit from vehicles, differentiate between people entering a site via car vs. on foot, and timing stopped vehicles.
  * ATM Vestibule Monitoring – VideoIQ’s advanced ATM vestibule monitoring helps organizations reduce vagrancy in ATM vestibules by delivering real-time alerts when individuals loiter for extended periods of time – helping ensure customer security and access to unattended banking facilities.  By identifying and tracking individuals for long periods of time whether they are standing or lying down, VideoIQ’s ATM vestibule monitoring dramatically reduces false alarms by differentiating between objects that might have been placed in a vestibule (e.g. trash bags or promotional stands) from individuals without reconfiguring or calibrating the system.
  * Support for mobile access–VideoIQ’s iCVR-HD camera now supports access from popular iOSmobile devices, including the iPad and iPhone.  Cameras can be accessed directly via the device’s browser, or via 3rd party applications including Live Cams and Live Cams HD. By extending VideoIQ’s open, standards based platform, customers can easily access live streams and alarm video from any location, giving roaming guards with mobile devices the same access as operators in a central station.

“With advanced, flexible rules such as ATM Vestibule Monitoring, VideoIQ continues to deliver better solutions for customers’ most pressing surveillance needs,” said Scott Schnell, president and CEO, VideoIQ.  “Now financial institutions can have the ability to identify and respond to vagrancy in real-time, securing their bottom line by ensuring customers have 24/7 ATM access.”

VideoIQ VIEW™ 3.1 and iCVR firmware upgrades are available immediately.

About VideoIQ

VideoIQ is the leading innovator in intelligent video surveillance.  VideoIQ’s award-winning IP surveillance cameras and encoders include the most advanced, adaptive analytics in the industry, onboard NVR storage and enterprise class video management.  Now, VideoIQ is delivering a new standard in megapixel surveillance, with zero bandwidth recording and full megapixel analytics.  VideoIQ’s simple and powerful surveillance solutions allow customers to pro-actively secure their most important assets across commercial, education, industrial, transportation, telecommunications and government markets.  Learn more at www.videoiq.com today.

VideoIQ Announces Availability of VideoIQ VIEW 3.1

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