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TribeHR Raises $2.5 Million for its Social Human Resources Platform

August 01, 2012
by Walter Frick

What’s one of the first things you do at a startup when you’re hiring? Ask the rest of your team if they know anyone excellent to bring on board. That kind of collaborative, social approach to recruitment is at the center of what TribeHR offers through its social HR platform, and the company today announced it had raised $2.5 million in new funding.

The round was  led by Relay Ventures, with participation from Matrix Partners. Founded in 2009, the company is jointly headquartered in Waterloo, ON and Boston, MA. It raised a $1 million seed round from Matrix Partners in July 2011.

Beyond recruitment, the platform also helps with goal setting, time off tracking, reviews and employee profiles.

“TribeHR is the only platform that effectively manages the relationship between employers and employees from the moment they submit their resume and throughout their employment,” said David Skok, general partner of Matrix Partners. “Other solutions solve a piece of the HR puzzle, while TribeHR handles it all in a way that makes the HR role not only more efficient but also more strategic and forward-looking.”

One of the more interesting aspects of the platform is the attempt to track certain elements of company culture. For instance, from the company’s website:

Employees want to recognize each other’s success. With TribeHR, giving someone kudos for doing something awesome is ridiculously easy. You can even give kudos to multiple people all at once. As always, TribeHR saves all of this positive energy, so you can refer back to it in the future.

Presumably this works best when paired with existing offline measures to compliment one’s employees, but the idea of tracking this kind of thing is pretty interesting. Can you tell me accurately which employee in your organization received the most pats on the back last year? And was that person also your top performer?


TribeHR Raises $2.5 Million for its Social Human Resources Platform

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