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TP Group Selects Verivue to Capitalize on Content Delivery Market Opportunity

Poland’s Leading Telecoms Provider Chooses Verivue’s OneVantage Content Delivery Solution

April 05, 2011
Press Release

Verivue today announced that TP Group has deployed Verivue’s OneVantage content delivery solution to build a nationwide Content Delivery Network (CDN) designed to deliver a broad range of content services to their subscriber base. (See related release: “Verivue Unveils OneVantage Content Delivery Solution” also announced today.)

The new content service enhances TP’s ability to deliver large-scale traffic volumes while reducing the overall cost of content delivery within its network and ensuring an optimal user experience. The Verivue CDN architecture will enable TP Group to capitalize on the growing demand for online content, delivering premium, high-quality content services to its subscribers.

Verivue’s operator CDN solution allows TP Group to quickly and easily deploy new CDN services without the time and expense associated with developing a custom solution. The initial CDN service rollout featured live streaming of several major events across Poland, capturing the largest online audiences in Polish history. TP Group is leveraging the same CDN infrastructure to offer scalable, low-cost delivery services to Poland’s largest content providers.

“Leveraging Verivue’s CDN infrastructure enables us to offer new and enhanced services to a wide base of customers hungry for premium content,” said Wojciech Jabczyński, spokesperson for TP Group. “We expect our investment in Verivue to provide us with new revenue opportunities while at the same time maximizing the customer experience.”

“Verivue is committed to working with innovative service providers like TP Group to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the exploding demand for online content,” said Jim Dolce, CEO of Verivue. “We will continue to work to create compelling solutions that enable new business models supported by a CDN infrastructure and optimized for large-scale content delivery across multiple networks.”

About Telekomunikacja Polska (TP)

Telekomunikacja Polska is a leading fixed-line operator in Poland and the core company of the TP Group, the largest telecommunications group in central Europe. The TP Group is the only operator in the country to be active in both fixed and mobile telephony as well as internet markets. It is part of the France Telecom Group.

About Verivue, Inc.

Headquartered in Westford, MA, Verivue, Inc. develops and markets high-performance, HTTP-optimized content delivery networks that enable service providers to reduce network cost and meet ever increasing demand for rich media content delivered across multiple devices.

TP Group Selects Verivue to Capitalize on Content Delivery Market Opportunity

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