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TheLadders Saves Recruiters Countless Hours on Sourcing Key Candidates

Study* finds recruiters would save 1 Hour and 37 Minutes using TheLadders

September 01, 2011
Press Release

NEW YORK, Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/—TheLadders.com, the leading recruitment solution for professional talent ($100K+), recently conducted a study that compared TheLadders and LinkedIn. The study demonstrated the enormous amount of time recruiters saved by using TheLadders services, most notably FitFinder, and the increased efficiency as a result of the reduction in time spent sourcing.

On average, recruiters using TheLadders FitFinder spent 8.6 minutes per accepted candidate versus recruiters who used LinkedIn to source talent, and spent 106.4 minutes per accepted candidate. FitFinder was as much as twelve times more efficient at finding acceptable candidates.

By using FitFinder, recruiters are teamed with specially-trained sourcing experts called “Talent Specialists” who find the most highly-qualified candidates that can be contacted immediately for a job requisition. With TheLadders FitFinder, 70% of candidates are accepted by recruiters as a fit for their position.

The focus of TheLadders is to help job seekers find the right job to fit their career goals. The full suite of job search solutions provided by TheLadders includes timely access to relevant jobs, confidential candidate-to-recruiter connections, personalized career coaching and professionally rewritten resumes.

These offerings, once exclusive to $100K+ salaried professionals, will be available to all professional careers looking for the next opportunity to move their careers forward on September 20th.

“Our talent specialists are up to the task of finding the most difficult jobs to source, and can save recruiters countless precious hours of work per week,” said Alex Douzet, president of TheLadders. “The study highlights the positive impact FitFinder and TheLadders can have on recruiters to source the pivotal talent they need.”

For immediate information related to staffing, recruiters can call TheLadders to speak with an enterprise representative or visit recruit.theladders.com/expansion. For professionals interested in learning more about the expanded services soon to be offered by TheLadders, please visit www.theladders.com/expansion .

About TheLadders.com

TheLadders has been committed to finding the right person for the right job since 2003. With a unique suite of personalized products and resume services, this career-focused online service helps job seekers connect with employers and recruiters more effectively and efficiently. Given its heritage as the leader in the $100K+ job search, TheLadders is dedicated to the science behind the job search and optimally positioned to help all career-driven professionals in finding the right jobs. Opening services beyond $100K+ positions allows recruiters and employers more options when looking to hire professionals at other stages of their careers. TheLadders.com is headquartered in New York with offices in London. For more information please read TheLadders Blog and visit http://www.theladders.com/ .

*About the Study

Six month study conducted between January and July 2011

Study included 33 recruiters, all paying clients of TheLadders.com and LinKedIn, from staffing /recruitment agencies as well as recruiters working for large corporations using both LinkedIn for recruiters and TheLadders FitFinder Service to fill the same $100K+ positions

On average, recruiters using TheLadders FitFinder spent 8.6 minutes per accepted candidate per job

On average, recruiters who used LinkedIn to source talent spent 106.4 minutes per accepted candidate per job

Results are statistically significant at 95% confidence level

SOURCE TheLadders.com

TheLadders Saves Recruiters Countless Hours on Sourcing Key Candidates

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