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TheLadders Introduces Recruiting Tool for Job Seekers

May 10, 2011
Online Recruiting News
by Vanessa Bostwick

TheLadders, a job site for $100K+ job seekers and the employers that want to hire them, just launched Mobile Inbox, a tool that enables job seekers to connect with recruiters and hiring managers through their mobile phone.

According to a news release, the tool is the latest in a line of products geared towards facilitating more efficient connections between candidate and recruiter.

According to InToMobile.com, Mobile Inbox builds on top of these earlier features – My Pipeline, Follow Recruiter and 1-click communications.

Follow Recruiter enables job seekers to “follow” recruiters, who in turn can deliver personalized messages and job related information via My Pipeline to a pipeline of prescreened jobseekers they know are engaged and interested in their content.

1-click communications is a Twitter-like “abbreviated process” that more accurately reflects “how two-way communication has evolved.”

“As the online job market changes, and it becomes easier for job seekers to find and apply to job listings, recruiters are seeing an influx of applications creating what is commonly referred to as the ‘black hole,’” says Eric Burd, Vice President of Product at TheLadders.com. “Our focus is on improving the connection between job seekers and recruiters, making for a more productive hiring process.”

TheLadders Introduces Recruiting Tool for Job Seekers

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