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TheLadders Announces 100,000 Candidates Rated in Three Months

Record App Use by Employers Sets Stage for Industry Shift

June 24, 2014
Press Release

If the past three months are any indication, 2014 is the year of mobile recruiting. TheLadders today announced that since it launched "TheLadders Recruiter" on March 17, the app has helped employers rate over 100,000 candidates.

A native iOS mobile app, "TheLadders Recruiter" offers recruiters immediacy, simplification and convenient, on-the-go access to candidates in a fun and easy way. With its launch, TheLadders has made it easier for recruiters to find the perfect candidate profile faster.

"Since the launch of 'TheLadders Recruiter,' we have seen that employers around the country are viewing 15 times more candidates in the mobile app versus on desktop computers," said Alex Douzet, CEO and co-founder of TheLadders. "This gives recruiters the ability to get through more candidates in less time, ultimately leading them to the ideal candidate faster than if they only had access to profiles on a desktop computer."

TheLadders' efforts to help recruiters shorten the hiring cycle and ease the process of finding relevant candidates has not only led to more candidate ratings (a fit/not a fit for jobs), but increased overall engagement as well. Year over year, recruiter engagement on TheLadders.com has increased by 60 percent, signaling more positive milestones to come in mobile recruiting.

TheLadders Announces 100,000 Candidates Rated in Three Months

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