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TheLadders.com Launches Premier

Recruiting Solution Combines Online Tools and Human Expertise to Deliver the Right Candidate Matches within 48 Hours

February 08, 2011
Press Release

TheLadders.com, the leading recruitment solution for professional talent ($100K+), announced the launch of their new Premier service which provides employers and recruiters with pre-screened candidates for the positions they need to fill fast.  What makes Premier incredibly attractive to employers and recruiters is they will have the ability to leverage FitFinder™, a feature that utilizes a Talent Specialist who will personally search and deliver the top candidates that match a particular position within 48 hours.  Additionally, using Premier, employers and recruiters can post a $100K+ position on TheLadders.com, search the database of pre-screened candidates and share updates with a warm talent pool via the social recruiting tool My Pipeline.

“Premier is an ideal solution for employers and recruiters because it offers online tools and the expertise of our Talent Specialists,” said Alex Douzet, President and Co-Founder of TheLadders.com. “A job posting and the ability to search candidates is just the beginning of the value we provide to our customers. With Premier, we’re working closely with employers and recruiters to learn more about the types of positions they are recruiting for and what attributes make up the ideal candidates. We are true partners to our clients.”

“The Talent Specialists at TheLadders have been a great resource to me in our recruitment efforts here at Microdesk,” says Peter Hanson, Director of HR, Microdesk, Inc.  “This past week my Talent Specialist helped source several candidates for two very different roles (Account Executive, Sales and .net Developer).  The Talent Specialist listened well to our needs and came back with some solid candidates that I know I wouldn’t have been able to find on my own. In these days of hustle and bustle it is nice to have a partner who is easy to work with and provides true value.”

Over fifty percent of TheLadders corporate customers are now using FitFinder™. TheLadders has 34 full time Talent Specialists on staff who specialize in job search in particular geographic regions and function.  On average and with the support of a Talent Specialist, time-strapped employers and recruiters only have to evaluate 5 to 10 targeted resumes to zero on the right candidates. 

“Job boards and tools on the Internet have increased Recruiters’ work load in the past decade,” added Douzet.  “TheLadders services, especially FitFinder™, are designed to place human judgment at the center of the recruitment process and alleviate recruiter work load.  The ‘human’ is still a very critical part of human resources.”         

Interested employers and recruiters can sign-up for the new Premier service which includes FitFinder™ directly at recruit.theladders.com. 

About TheLadders.com

TheLadders.com is the world’s leading online service catering exclusively to the $100K+ job market. Our job is to make the search for senior talent and senior positions quick and effective. With access to the most $100K+ jobs in one place, senior level professionals can get to the next step in their careers faster. Top recruiters value the ability to quickly and easily connect with so much qualified talent in the sales, marketing, finance, HR, legal, tech and operations industries. In addition to traditional job search services, TheLadders.com also provides a host of specialized career development resources, including an executive resume service; advice from career experts; customized online profiles; and e-mail alerts. Founded in 2003 by Marc Cenedella, TheLadders.com is headquartered in New York with offices in London. For more information, please visit http://www.theladders.com/.

TheLadders.com Launches Premier

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