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The Echo Nest Partners With Twitter to Allow Artists' Tweets Within Apps

January 11, 2012
by Olivia Solon

Music intelligence platform The Echo Nest has partnered with Twitter to allow developers to include tweets from thousands of verified popular recording artists directly within their apps.

The Echo Nest identified those artists with verified accounts on Twitter that were also part of The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone service. This is a system that helps music services “speak the same language” on a data level by translating unique identifiers for songs or bands across any platform or catalogue. This allows developers to apply The Echo Nest’s algorithms to songs across different platforms including Spotify or Musicbrainz.

The importance of ensuring that music services speak the same language when it comes to different songs or bands—or ID resolution—cannot be underestimated. It ensures that songs are digitally identified regardless of which platform you access them on. So if you see on Facebook that a friend is listening to a song on Spotify, but you are not a Spotify subscriber, you can listen to that same song on one of Facebook’s other music content partners. What you don’t want is to listen to the crappy cover version of the song. This same technology is now used by The Echo Nest to determine which Twitter accounts belonged to specific musicians. It is used elsewhere to find relevant web content about those musicians.

Brian Whitman, The Echo Nest’s Co-Founder and CTO, explains: “The Echo Nest used our music resolving technology to identify which Twitter accounts belonged to specific musicians. We use the same tech every day on the web to determine if a blog post about air quality is not about the electronic group Air, or that a new article about the estate of Michael Jackson is not referring to the beer critic.”

The Twitter integration means that app developers will be able to include tweets from a currently-playing artist alongside music, lyrics, blog posts and photos and any other media that is compatible with Rosetta Stone. It also means that Twitter will be able to categorise many popular tweeters in a more meaningful way. Whitman says: “By partnering with the us, Twitter now has access to next generation music intelligence. Linking users of the Twitter service to more musical context through our resolving can quickly help new users find favorite bands to follow and also filter their stream by their own tastes.”

Jim Lucchese, CEO of The Echo Nest, explains: “Twitter is arguably the most important and immediate artist-to-fan communication medium in the world. Until now, there was no simple way for developers to integrate musicians’ tweets directly into their applications. By making it easy for our community of over 10,000 application developers to integrate artists’ tweets into their apps through our API, The Echo Nest hopes to enhance their music apps by extending Twitter to this new terrain while bringing fans closer to the artists they love.”

The first app to integrate artists’ Tweets is Discovr Music, with many more to follow, including Groovebug (pictured).

The Echo Nest was recently in the news for helping to revamp Spotify’s radio offering. The Echo Nest is credited as being one of the few companies that has got machine recommendations of music right, along with Last.fm. The Echo Nest powers more than 250 music applications using its machine learning system that actively reads about and listens to music.

The Echo Nest Partners With Twitter to Allow Artists' Tweets Within Apps

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