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The Echo Nest: 12 Hub Hot Spots

May 01, 2011
Boston Globe
by Scott Kirsner

What Boston tech companies are happenin’? Here’s a cool dozen, compiled with help from the Twitter community.

CyPhy Works. Develops flying robots for surveillance, emergency response, and infrastructure inspection.

The Echo Nest. Collects data about music and supplies it to companies developing music applications for the Web and mobile phones.

Gazelle. Buys and resells old electronics, from mobile phones to Xbox game consoles.

Gemvara. Lets users design the perfect engagement ring, or Mother’s Day bracelet, online.

Pongr. Offers program in which users take pictures of products with mobile phones (like a Mountain Dew bottle) to earn status and, potentially, real-world rewards.

Rue La La. Offers online “flash sales’’ for fashion that last only a few days, as well as local discounts at high-end restaurants and spas.

RunKeeper: Created mobile app for tracking your exercise habits, and publishing info about your workouts on social networks.

SecondGlass. Produces parties, a website, and a mobile app that encourage people to “drink more wine,’’ to find what they like and share that with friends.

StarStreet Sports. Lets users buy and trade “shares’’ in professional athletes, using real money, earning a return if they perform well.

Textaurant. Provides software that enables restaurants to send diners a text message when their table is ready.

TweePLayer. Gathers messages on the social network Twitter related to specific TV broadcasts, conference sessions, and other events, and enables later playback.

WiTricity. Collaborating with Delphi Automotive to create wireless charging systems for all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

The Echo Nest: 12 Hub Hot Spots

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