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Taulia Revolutionizes the Entire Financial Supply Chain

Latest Offering Enables Supplier Financing, While Strengthening Cash Positions

February 28, 2014
Press Release

Taulia Inc., the market leading provider for supplier financing, announced today that it has transformed the way in which organizations transact with their supply chain with the launch of their newest product, Taulia Enhanced Discounting. Taulia Enhanced Discounting will be formally introduced at the Argyle 2014 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 in San Francisco.

Taulia Enhanced Discounting combines the benefits of traditional Dynamic Discounting with a highly flexible supplier financing program, which allows organizations the choice of using their own cash, or the capital of a third-party financial institution, to capture early payment discounts. With Taulia Enhanced Discounting, organizations can offer their suppliers uninterrupted, attractive financing, regardless of their cash positions, operating obligations, financial forecasts or future investment opportunities.

To date, working capital solutions have been extremely limited, failing to work across the entire supply chain. Taulia Enhanced Discounting is the first platform that provides this flexibility, while still living up to the promise of being a win-win for buyers, suppliers and financial institutions. Taulia’s comprehensive supplier finance offering, which enables organizations to capture early payment discounts on all invoiced spend delivers on Taulia’s mission of addressing all the inefficiencies currently present in the financial supply chain.

“We found that even if buyers wanted to offer financing programs to their entire supply chain, there was no efficient, cost-effective way for them to do that,” said Bertram Meyer, CEO of Taulia. “Our new solution allows buyers to offer customized early payment terms to each of their suppliers, including those typically excluded from bank-funded supply chain finance programs, based on each suppliers’ unique economic circumstances.”

Taulia Enhanced Discounting will expand on Taulia Supplier Finance™, which currently includes Taulia’s innovative Dynamic Discounting offering. Dynamic Discounting helps organizations become more profitable by automating and maximizing supplier discounts, saving large buying organizations millions in discount capture, while providing suppliers with quick and inexpensive access to cash.

Taulia Revolutionizes the Entire Financial Supply Chain

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