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Motorola Selects Starent Networks to Provide Mobile Multimedia Core Products for Its LTE Solution

January 26, 2009

TEWKSBURY, Mass., Jan 26, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Starent Networks, Corp. (Nasdaq:STAR), a leading provider of infrastructure solutions that enable mobile operators to deliver multimedia services, today announced Motorola, Inc. has selected Starent Networks to provide multimedia core networking solutions for use in its LTE (Long Term Evolution)/SAE (System Architecture Evolution) network offerings.
The incorporation of Starent Networks’ solutions into Motorola’s LTE portfolio allows Motorola to offer an end-to-end network solution for its operator customers. The Starent Networks products fulfill the functional requirements defined in the SAE or Evolved Packet Core (EPC) standards. Additionally, the Starent Networks solutions are designed for a smooth migration to LTE for both CDMA 1X/DO-A and GSM/UMTS operators. Mobile operators are looking for solutions that deliver on today’s requirements for 3G mobile broadband, while also positioning them for a migration to mobile ultra broadband networks.

“By teaming with Starent, Motorola is working with industry experts in the mobile operators’ multimedia core networks,” said Darren McQueen, vice president, Wireless Broadband Access Technologies, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility. “Integrating Starent’s solutions into the Motorola LTE ecosystem enhances our world-class LTE network solution by adding a robust feature rich multimedia core to our overall LTE offering.”

Starent Networks is a market leader in high-performance, intelligent solutions for the mobile operators’ multimedia core network. Its products deliver superior performance in existing 3G networks, while positioning the mobile network for a migration to 4G/LTE. Starent’s solutions already include many of the elements required of the 4G network, including integrated intelligence, a simplified network architecture, high bandwidth performance capabilities, carrier-class reliability and enhanced mobility. Furthermore, Starent’s solutions are capable of supporting multiple functions in a single node, allowing a single platform to concurrently act as a 2G/3G and 4G node. Starent’s solutions are designed to be evolutionary, deployed through software upgrades. This approach is intended to protect operators’ existing investments and eliminates the need for forklift upgrades.

“As operators strive for market share and revenue in the mobile market, they are focused on deploying high-bandwidth networks that can deliver the broadband-intensive multimedia applications that subscribers are expecting,” said Phil Marshall, senior research fellow, Yankee Group. “Solutions that allow the seamless migration of services from 3G to 4G are of critical value to operators and their consumer and enterprise customers.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Motorola, as they are such a prominent player in the wireless market,” said Ashraf Dahod, CEO of Starent Networks. “We appreciate their recognition of our value, and feel that working together we can deliver exceptional mobile broadband networking technology with the superior support operators expect.”

LTE will provide users with an experience similar to that of fixed line broadband with higher bandwidth and lower latency. By combining Motorola expertise with Starent Networks expertise in the multimedia core, Motorola will enable high demand multimedia services along with media mobility, which can help mobile operators increase revenues and gain competitive advantage delivering true mobile broadband.

About Starent Networks

Starent Networks, Corp. is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions that enable mobile operators to deliver multimedia services to their subscribers. Starent Networks has created solutions that provide mobile operators with the functions and services needed for access, mobility management and call control in their networks. Through integrated intelligence and high performance capabilities, Starent Networks’ solutions also enhance subscriber management, billing and session policy enforcement. The company’s products are capable of supporting a wide range of mobile wireless networks, such as UMTS, CDMA2000, WiFi, and WiMAX. Starent Networks’ products have been deployed by over 85 mobile operators in 35 countries. Additional information about Starent Networks is available at www.starentnetworks.com.

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