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Sparkroom Expands its Lead Performance Optimization Solution to Address the Needs of Higher Education Marketers

January 08, 2009

Latest Release of Sparkroom Lead IQ Delivers Transparency and Closed Loop Reporting to Schools

Toronto/Charlotte - January 8, 2009 – Sparkroom, Inc. (www.sparkroom.com), a leading provider of Lead Performance Optimization solutions for the online lead generation industry, announced today that it has expanded its Sparkroom Lead IQ platform to address the needs of marketers in higher education. The product uniquely links the cost of each lead with the revenue generated, providing schools with unparalleled transparency into lead performance across lead providers, campaigns, and market segments. Sparkroom Lead IQ allows marketers to optimize their lead spend in real-time, producing a more efficient investment in marketing and dramatically increased profitability.

“In today’s competitive environment, schools cannot afford to purchase leads that don’t consistently convert into enrolled students, nor make lead buying decisions, months after the fact, using limited cost or conversion information,” said chief executive officer, Jamie McDonald. “Sparkroom Lead IQ provides much needed transparency into which lead sources are working by delivering a complete picture of lead performance in real-time to marketers who strive to optimize their spending. Decisions get made faster, marketing is more efficient and profitability increases.”

The Sparkroom Lead IQ platform includes:

Dashboards and Analytics. Customizable, data-rich dashboards provide powerful insight into performance indicators such as volume, bad lead rates, conversion rates, cycle times, budgets, revenue, marketing cost, and overall return on marketing investment. Simple multi-dimensional analysis capabilities provide the insight needed to identify top and bottom-performing lead sources, enrollment teams and campaigns with the ability to segment this information on the fly by categories such as program, subject, degree level, campus or geography. Push notification email alerts track critical volume, lead spend, and pipeline activity.

Budget and Volume Management. The platform provides complete transparency to track established budget and volume targets against actual operating results, as well as forecast weekly and monthly outcomes based on current trends.

Lead Screening and Validation. Automated lead verification prevents leads that violate filters, exceed caps, or are duplicates or otherwise invalid from reaching your enrollment counselors. This facilitates tighter enforcement of the credits and returns process, improving call center effectiveness and reducing costs.

Campaign Management. Sparkroom Lead IQ tracks and manages campaign configurations for each lead source, maintaining a complete history of settings such as lead cost, volume caps, days of week, and target filter attributes.

Sparkroom Lead IQ is web-based, hosted in a secure data center and fully-managed.

About Sparkroom

Sparkroom is a leading provider of Lead Performance Optimization software and services, a solution that uniquely combines Sparkroom Lead IQ, a hosted business intelligence platform with expert account management services to give online lead buyers the tools and expertise needed to measure, manage and optimize their lead acquisition spending. Sparkroom’s software, which it hosts and delivers to its customers on-demand, enables customers to capture, store and analyze information generated by their online lead buying activities and to gain critical business insights into the performance and efficiency of marketing and sales initiatives and other business processes. Founded in early 2007, Sparkroom is privately-held, with funding from private investors and Matrix Partners. For more information, visit www.sparkroom.com.

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