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SBANE names 2012 New England Innovation Award winners (HubSpot and Xtalic)

May 11, 2012
Mass High Tech

The state’s largest startup competition, a non-profit online and retail used book business managed by young adults, and a therapeutics company are just three of the 10 recipients of the Smaller Business Association of New England Inc.’s (SBANE) 2012 New England Innovation Award.

Founded in 1938, SBANE is a 700-member non-profit association whose mission it is to provide a legislative voice at both the state and federal level.

The winners were selected to represent three categories and chosen by SBANE’s judges and committee comprised of 53 individuals.

“We attribute the remarkable increase in the number and quality of nominees to the fact that our business community is beginning to see real growth and prosperity again after three long years”, said current and four-time chairperson of the event, Todd Faber.

The 2012 New England Innovation Award winners include:

Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. 
HubSpot Inc.
Millivision Technologies Inc.
xtalic Corp.

The Concord Consortium
More Than Words

Rising Stars
Parcell Laboratories LLC

SBANE names 2012 New England Innovation Award winners (HubSpot and Xtalic)

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