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Panzura Offers On-ramp for Google Cloud Storage Platform

March 09, 2012
Computer Technology Review

Panzura, a provider of global cloud storage offerings, announced that its latest offering allows users to build an enterprise solution on Google Cloud Storage. The company delivers an enterprise-ready on-ramp to Google Cloud Storage that has the ability to make cloud storage look and feel like local storage, with enterprise-class features like fully-encrypted global file sharing and a robust, performance-oriented architecture. By deploying the Panzura-Google Cloud Storage solution, organizations can benefit from limitless scalability of capacity, and seamless, fully-encrypted access to high performing cloud networks through a globally-distributed, full-featured file system.

The Panzura Global Cloud Storage System—which consists of three integrated components: the Panzura Cloud Storage Controller, the Panzura global file system and Panzura operating system—optimizes enterprise data storage management in the cloud by avoiding file duplication, enabling anytime/anywhere file access, applying military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption, and managing global replication to deliver a fast, seamless experience with built-in security and durability. The Google Cloud Storage platform provides a scalable storage and high-performance network infrastructure, global data center locality, and powerful authentication and data sharing mechanisms.

Together, the Panzura-Google Cloud Storage solution forms high-performance, enterprise-class cloud storage that enables real-time file sharing, active file archiving and fully-encrypted data backup, with low latency and seamless availability from anywhere on the planet. Benchmark testing reveals that used in combination, the Panzura-Google Cloud Storage solution can deliver steady read/write performance of multi-Gbps, both to and from the cloud, across multiple geographical locations and carriers to meet the workload demands of enterprise customers.

“The Panzura-Google Cloud Storage value proposition is great for customers because of its ability to support global file sharing and collaboration at the enterprise level,” said Martin Buhr, head of technology partnerships for Google’s cloud infrastructure offerings. “Used in combination, the Panzura-GCS solution offers a significant advantage to enterprise customers looking for a fast, fully-encrypted cloud storage solution for global file sharing, archiving and backup at low latency.”

“We are pleased to partner with Google Cloud Services to enable real-time file sharing, active file archiving and highly-secure data backup for the enterprise,” says Ranajit Nevatia, VP of marketing at Panzura. “With unstructured data growing exponentially and isolated islands of storage unable to meet the needs of the real-time economy, this integrated solution presents a unique opportunity for enterprise end users to view and access any file at any location at any time from anywhere with minimal latency. Combining the ubiquity and performance of Google Cloud Storage with the security and real-time data access of Panzura gives enterprises an agile, cloud-based data storage solution that offers both superior data protection and global file collaboration that retains the feel of local storage. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Panzura Offers On-ramp for Google Cloud Storage Platform

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