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OpenSpan Posts Record 12-Month Trailing Revenue Record

Adoption of cloud-based activity intelligence and desktop automation solutions accelerates to drive transformation across the enterprise

April 23, 2014
Press Release

OpenSpan, Inc., a provider of innovative worker optimization, activity management and automation solutions, today announced record revenues for the trailing 12-month period ended March 2014. The company realized a 100 percent increase in the adoption of its cloud-based activity intelligence and desktop automation over the previous quarter.

“Customer expectations continue to heighten and organizations are investing in solutions that drive optimal service experiences,” commented Eric Musser, CEO of OpenSpan. “Enterprises in the financial services and insurance arenas continue to invest in solutions that optimize desktop activities and transform employees into more strategic enterprise workers. These organizations partner with OpenSpan to deploy desktop automation and activity intelligence solutions that address operational challenges and drive transformation in critical business areas.”

OpenSpan solutions capture intelligence about every activity from the central hub where business transactions take place –the desktop. Enterprises use activity intelligence to identify, plan, build and deploy transformation projects that improve operational efficiency, revenue generation, risk and compliance management and overall customer experience. From streamlining worker activities, refining and automating critical business processes, to deploying agile desktop solutions, these iterative, incremental deployments are foundational elements for driving transformation across the enterprise.

OpenSpan continues to expand its customer footprint in the financial services and insurance sectors. These companies are deploying OpenSpan solutions to extend the value of existing technologies and optimize the desktop environment by streamlining activity and removing complexity from worker desktops across the enterprise. Further, these organizations leverage desktop automation to enforce process adherence and support compliance to internal and regulatory mandates. The company also forged new customer relationships within the global commerce and payments industry.

“Our customers are achieving significant returns on investment from the OpenSpan solutions,” commented Musser. “They understand the impact that removing complexity from the worker desktop can have, and the efficiencies that can be created by optimizing processes and workflows. More importantly, c-suite executives at these companies understand the critical business intelligence that can be captured from desktop transactions and used to transform workers into strategic assets within the enterprise.”

OpenSpan Posts Record 12-Month Trailing Revenue Record

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