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OpenSpan Platform Helps Organizations to Improve Call Center Performance

March 17, 2011
by Susan J. Campbell

Call center performance is a key focus for any call center manager as he or she is generally under intense pressure to maintain the center’s value proposition for the overall organization. When the call center is also responsible for driving sales and revenue for the company, call center performance takes on a whole new meaning.

A recent OpenSpan white paper explored up-sell techniques for customer-facing agents needing to boost sales and produce a quick return on investment. As the marketplace is both competitive and consistently changing, businesses are seeking to leverage their call center performance to drive additional revenue in each customer interaction. With OpenSpan’s solutions, customer service can be optimized for first-order priorities such as quality and customer retention. These solutions have also been used to boost up- and cross-sell performance.

To improve up-sell results to drive call center performance, a number of preconditions must exist at the enterprise level. This can include having adequate data to determine customer profiles and appropriate offer categories and then crafting the offers themselves. At the agent level, it has been shown that integrating and improving agent up-sell performance is based on addressing some key challenges, including improving agent focus, recognizing qualified customers, getting the offer to the agent, monitoring and reporting and order follow-up.

OpenSpan offers a platform that is considered to be ideal for enabling technology for up-sell programs. Providing a rapid development and deployment environment, call centers can easily maximize the business value of their existing agents while also providing the necessary means to quickly further strategic architectural goals.

This can be accomplished with the rapid integration of virtually any application, full or partial automation of business process workflows, an extension to existing applications through the addition of new business logic, and the optimization of user interfaces.Call center managers really can improve call center performance with a focused approach on their up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and agent capabilities.

The important steps to take include completely analyzing currently capabilities and challenges to identify areas that need help to achieve measurable improvements, and strengths in agents to immediately drive call center performance to the next level.Organizations today can leverage OpenSpan platforms to improve call center performance so that revenues are improved, profits are strengthened and the overall value proposition of the call center is optimized. And, as attention on the bottom line is not likely to shift focus, partnering with proven providers in this space can help the call center to better leverage its current capabilities to drive differentiation in a tight market.

OpenSpan Platform Helps Organizations to Improve Call Center Performance

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