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New Kalido Survey Uncovers Significant Unrealized Opportunity Due to a Lack of Data Governance

Business Leaders More Pessimistic Than IT on State of Data Governance

September 13, 2011
Press Release

    — Kalido, the leading independent provider of business-driven data
        governance solutions, today released a new data governance report that
        finds 76 percent of organizations have an intuitive or explicit
        awareness of data as a business asset, but only two percent treat it
        as an asset with quantifiable value.
    — Based on more than 200 responses analyzing the results from its Data
        Governance Maturity Assessment survey, the report further highlights
        the following key themes:
        — Business participation has a significant impact on program
          success. A full quarter of data governance programs with sustained
          business involvement scored in the top two tiers of maturity,
          compared with only four percent of organizations that either had
          IT-led governance or no governance at all.
        — Companies are not treating data management as a business process
          in its own right with 83 percent of respondents failing to
          document or only loosely documenting data policies, and more than
          half (54 percent) lacking any means of measuring the performance
          of data management activities.
        — Use of appropriate technology appears to be a leading indicator of
          overall data governance maturity. Twice as many respondents (36
          percent) scored in the lowest echelon of maturity as compared to
          organization (17 percent) and process (16 percent).
    — The gap between perceived value of data and execution in protecting
        that value underscores a pent-up demand for effective governance.
    — The report finds that business engagement, business process focus and
        technology are key areas of focus to increase adoption.
    — The full report, which also includes detailed recommendations for
        organizations seeking to increase the maturity of their data

New Kalido Survey Uncovers Significant Unrealized Opportunity Due to a Lack of Data Governance

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