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Meet Gilt's Brainchild Jetsetter, The Groupon Of Luxury Travel

March 18, 2011
Business Insider
by Alyson Shontell

Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt Groupe have proven that daily deals are here to stay.

The latest startup to enter the flash sale scene is Jetsetter. It launched in September of 2009 and already has 2 million users.

The NYC-based startup is the brainchild of Gilt Groupe* and offers amazing vacation packages, from surf and yoga retreats in Mexico to seven nights at a private Greek villa, for 30-40% off.

We spoke with CEO Drew Patterson about how he’s snagging members, why the world needs another discount site, and how his role as a founding member of Kayak has helped him run Jetsetter.

*Disclosure: Gilt Groupe’s CEO is cofounder and chairman of Business Insider.

Business Insider: How did Jetsetter get two million users in less than two years? Has it been largely thanks to Gilt?

Drew Patterson: Certainly that was a big piece of the equation. I think the other part of it was people frankly liked it and they shared it with their friends.  They had experiences on Jetsetter that were satisfying and that’s encouraged consumers to [spread the word].

The way the business is structured, Gilt’s incubated this business. They’ve provided the capital to get us off the ground; they provided us with support and, most importantly, credibility and a big audience.

Jetsetter’s offers are presented to Gilt members on a regular basis and in an integrated experience [but we’re separate companies]. They recently did a destination vacation sale where they had a couple different travel looks and included a Jetsetter offering. It was a beach vacation, places in the Caribbean, with safaris, sunglasses, and gear to buy.

Within that broad lifestyle that Gilt represents, travel is a pretty interesting component. We’ve gotten a lot of folks who have signed up for Jetsetter on that basis.

Read the full interview here:

Meet Gilt's Brainchild Jetsetter, The Groupon Of Luxury Travel

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