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Klip 2.2 with Private Video Sharing: Your Circle

February 07, 2012
by Eliane Fiolet

Klip is a new mobile video application, and we recently covered its version 2.0 release. Klip allows users to shoot and share mobile videos on a public stream. Just like with Instagram, you can follow other people and filter videos in the stream using hashtags.

In my previous article, I pointed that the application, unlike competitor SocialCam, did not allow to keep the video you shot private. I am glad to know that yesterday Klip released its private sharing feature with its 2.2 version update. According to the company, it is done in a better way than its competition since users can share a movie clip within their private circle where they can add friends and family. With other services, a privately shared video can only be viewed by its owner.

The version 2.2 also added the ability to broadcast your Klip activity in your Facebook timeline and quickly browse all your favorite (liked) videos. Currently, Klip provides only one Circle for private sharing, I hope that down the road, users will be able to build a few more so people can share different type of videos with their different social circles. This kind of social circles separation has been done by mobile application ON Voicefeed for messaging.

Check the new features list in the complete article, check the video above to see how it works.

Klip 2.2 private sharing highlights:

  Addition of your Circle, the privacy feature for Klip
  Add your close friends or family members in your Circle — and only they can see the videos that you designate as private
  When a video is shared with your Circle, the conversations displayed directly on the video watch page will be shared only with your family and friends
  When you make a private video on Klip, you — and only you — have the option of sharing it outside of Klip via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.
  Once a video is uploaded you cannot switch it from private to public or vice versa. You can simply re-upload the video from the camera roll on your device and make it public or private.
  To add someone to your Circle, he or she first needs to follow you. Once this person is following you, tap on his or her profile and then on “Add to Circle.” You can easily remove this person by tapping on “Remove from Circle.”
  You can see everyone in your Circle by navigating to the “Followers” tab on your profile page and looking at those that have a green circle in the lower righthand corner of their profile icon.

Klip 2.2 new Features highlights

  Quickly browse all videos you’ve ever liked on Klip
  Possibility to check out out most viewed videos from the past week and all-time
  Choose to broadcast activity (e.g. watching a video) on Klip to your Facebook feed

Klip 2.2 with Private Video Sharing: Your Circle

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