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Kalido Speeds Time to Value With Information Engine Version 9.0

Latest Release Simplifies Warehouse Architecture, Accelerates Time to Value and Delivers Faster Overall Load Performance

October 03, 2011
Press Release

    — Kalido, the leading independent provider of business-driven data
        governance solutions, announced today Kalido(R) Information
        Engine(TM) version 9.0. The new release dramatically improves the
        speed at which customers can integrate and structure critical business
        information, delivering the most agile information management platform
        on the market today.
    — The data warehouse market has exploded in recent years with
        technologies that claim to deliver data to companies faster.
        Unfortunately, just as with traditional data warehouses, these systems
        take years to become fully productive. As a result, business process
        owners are left waiting for critical information and often resort to
        “rogue” solutions that are incomplete, waste time, money and often
        deliver inaccurate information.
    — The latest release of the Kalido Information Engine combines speed
        with automation, all driven by a business information model that
        translates business requirements into business information faster than
        ever before.
        — With greater automation and a more than 65 percent reduction in
          data integration efforts, this release delivers value faster and
          at lower cost than any competitive solution.
        — Business agility is greatly enhanced by the user-friendly
          interface and a flexible model-based architecture that evolves as
          business requirements change without the need for costly
          re-designs and impact analysis.
    — Version 9.0 expands the level of automation throughout the platform,
        dramatically improving time to value by simplifying the types and
        numbers of tools needed to manage the overall environment. Other
        significant improvements include:
        — Simplifying the warehouse architecture. With version 9.0, the
          Kalido Information Engine can now control and automate all
          components of the warehouse architecture—from landing zone to
          business intelligence metadata. This includes native integration
          with leading analytic platforms such as IBM Cognos, Microsoft
          SSAS, QlikView and SAP BusinessObjects and the ability to connect
          with others such as Microstrategy, Oracle Business Intelligence
          Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and SAS.
        — Accelerating time to value. New business-model-driven data
          integration features automate ETL activities significantly
          reducing—and in some cases, eliminating—the need for
          separate, purpose-built data integration tools.
        — Delivering faster overall load performance. A new unified load
          controller manages all data loading, increases load performance,
          and extends suspense management capabilities to all types of loads
          including reference data and transactions.
    — Kalido gives customers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy a
        high quality foundation for data analytics in 90 days or less. The
        only platform with fully integrated master data management and
        built-in Business Intelligence integration, the Kalido Information
        Engine manages metadata through the business information model to
        provide a lasting platform that is easy to dynamically maintain for
        future business changes.
    — To learn more about Kalido Information Engine 9.0, register for our
        version 9.0 webinar, “Sunset Your ETL,” on October 18th at 11am ET at



Lou Guy, assistant vice president of application development at Pacer International, said:

    — “The business can’t afford to wait 12-18 months for a data warehouse
        to come online. With Kalido, we can consistently deliver high-impact
        capabilities to the business in 90 days or less. This is a key
        paradigm shift from conventional ETL-based data warehousing.”


Bill Hewitt, CEO at Kalido, said:

    — “Managing information effectively is paramount for companies of any
        size in today’s competitive world economy. This latest release tackles
        some of the biggest issues with agility—automating manual efforts,
        reducing overall costs and minimizing time to business value. Kalido
        delivers the only platform that can manage the entire process, from
        modeling to loading to BI integration. As a result, companies can
        reduce or eliminate their investment in traditional tools, lower their
        cost of managing information and free up more cash for strategic


Additional Resources

    — Join Kalido and Lou Guy of Pacer International on October 18th for a
        webinar discussing the new Kalido Information Engine 9.0.

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www.kalidoconnections.com           @kalido
    — Visit the Kalido blog, “Kalido Conversations”


About Kalido Kalido is the leading provider of business-driven data governance software. Kalido enables companies to manage data as a shared enterprise asset by supporting the business process of data management. Kalido software has been deployed at more than 300 locations in over 100 countries, including 20 percent of the world’s most profitable companies as determined by Fortune Magazine. More information about Kalido can be found at: http://www.kalido.com .

Kalido Speeds Time to Value With Information Engine Version 9.0

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