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Jolt Awards: Cloudbees Honored

Going to the very heart of the developer's toolbox, we select four outstanding tools.

January 09, 2012
by Andrew Binstock

Honorable Mention: CloudBees

Nowadays, no software development team would go without source control, continuous integration, and quality metrics. Add the cloud to the equation and you quickly have to deal with lots of virtual machines to babysit and plenty of external services to interact with.

Enters the CloudBees Platform, from CloudBees Inc., a platform as a service (PaaS) whose promise is to make the development, deployment, and operation of Java web applications in the cloud as easy as pie. Behind its sleek web interface, CloudBees integrates a trove of services that are a single click away from ready to use. Code repositories, continuous integration, JavaEE web application hosting, SQL and NoSQL datastores, email sending and monitoring — CloudBees Platform has it all integrated in a consistent and convenient manner.

With a progressive price structure and many services available for free, CloudBees has created a low bar to entry and the capacity to expand to whatever scale your application may grow. — David Dossot

Jolt Awards: Cloudbees Honored

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