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Huddle iPad App Has the Ability to Think and Make Recommendations

July 06, 2012
Midsize Insider
by Abbey Ketiinq

Huddle, an enterprise company that creates cloud collaboration software, launched a new innovative iPad app on June 26. Capabilities of the Huddle iPad app as noted on TechCrunch include forecasting abilities to predict workers' needs and tracking and delivering relevant content. This feature in itself would be invaluable to midsize businesses. ipad_home_screen The app will complete the tasks of searching for information and delivering it, leaving workers free to focus on other duties. A research study by IDC as noted on InformationWeek emphasizes the future trend toward mobile computing. The report forecasts mobile worker population to reach 1.3 billion by 2015.

Mobility does have it drawbacks, and one issue that IT managers need to look at is security. When workers at midsize businesses use personal mobile devices to get access to data via corporate networks, the application needs to meet IT security requirements. As noted in a news article by CMSWire, transmission of content and data for the Huddle iPad app storage is done with 256-bit SSL encryption to meet the security needs of IT managers. According to the report, granular permissions provide control over accessing files and documents. This is important considering that the app uses predictive intelligence to seek out and make recommendations for relevant files for workers.

Meeting the Needs of Mobile Users

Mobile workers need applications that make the process of completing tasks easier, faster, and more efficient. Huddle co-founders Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin designed and created the iPad app with the goal of satisfying IT professionals as well as workers. Social collaboration is integrated with enterprise content management to fulfill the mobile needs of employees at midsize businesses. IT managers have control over the process of deciding what content workers will have access to and be able to share—this satisfies the concern over possible security issues that may arise.

Huddle's partnership with Fileboard provides workers with the ability to share Web-based project presentations with colleagues. Users can collaborate and share content both internally within a company as well as outside of the organization. The application provides content, collaboration, and synchronizing capabilities so workers can link to Huddle's activity stream and instantly see everything that is going on. When tasks are performed using the app, the process is securely synchronized and encrypted on the device—a feature that IT managers will appreciate.

Predictive Capabilities to Forecast, Discover, and Deliver

Capabilities and features that will appeal to midsize companies include email integration in addition to both online and offline access to content and documents. The Huddle iPad app provides users with a streamlined method for completing work functions. Workers will like the mobility of the application in providing the right information at the right time. When workers share, track, and save content, the process is completely secure and centrally stored—another feature that will appeal to IT managers.

For midsize businesses, the iPad app offers enhanced functionality. The technology has the ability to understand and forecast what people need. It performs the tasks of searching and delivering content based on predictive intelligent recommendation. Workers can use the application as a collaborative tool to share information with colleagues. Productivity increases and workers can focus on other tasks while the app takes care of the processes of discovering and delivering valuable content.


Huddle iPad App Has the Ability to Think and Make Recommendations

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