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HubSpot’s Timothy Dearlove On Why Content Marketing Isn’t A Shortcut

June 24, 2014
Small Business Trends
by Marie Alonso

Timothy Dearlove is a Senior Channel Consultant at HubSpot. Recently, Tim shared his inbound content marketing perspectives with Small Business Trends, focusing on how inbound success can make good marketing campaigns awesome and why content marketing is not a shortcut. (Warning: Tim’s ready to ruffle a few feathers about infographics!)

Small Business Trends: What are the content drives that inspire HubSpot the most in its mission to make the best use of content for everything from email marketing to blogging?

Timothy Dearlove: I think you have to start with a pretty basic principle when it comes to creating a successful content plan.

You need to care. When you write with passion your audience can tell. Competition for eyeballs and attention span is high online. As a writer you are competing against lots of other free content. One factor that separates good content from great content is how much the writer cares about the subject material.

I get push back all the time. Certain industries always say, “Well how can we write passionate content on selling nails or manufacturing washers?”

One of our biggest Inbound success stories is Marcus Sherdian, who saved his pool business by blogging. He genuinely cared about pools and helping people with pools. Content marketing was his venue for channeling this. As Marcus demonstrated, if you can channel your passion and helpfulness through your content, you will be successful.

So just care. Care about what you do and who you are helping with your content. If you start with that, the views will come.

Helpfulness is another key drive. We talk about this all the time. We bring it up at meetings. We discuss it on our internal social boards. Be remarkably helpful. Surprise everyone you interact with by how helpful you can be.  We approach all of the content we produce through that lens. How will this content help the person reading it?

Small Business Trends: How does content make an impact on SEO (search engine optimization) and social media?

Timothy Dearlove: Content and SEO are like warm pie and ice cream. Could you eat them separately? Of course! But aren’t they so much better when served together?

When it comes to on-page optimization (making sure your site is well optimized with keywords that your target audience searches for), if you have a static site, there is only so much you can optimize. Every new page you publish is a chance to optimize that page for important keywords. Every new blog post represents a new chance to rank for a keyword phrase.

We also know that Google will crawl your site more frequently if you are producing fresh content.

HubSpot’s Timothy Dearlove On Why Content Marketing Isn’t A Shortcut

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