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HubSpot Unveils Overhauled Product at #Inbound12, Along With an iPhone App

August 29, 2012
by Walter Frick

Industry conferences run by a single company might be the original form of inbound marketing, so it’s no surprise HubSpot would be good at it. I just got back from this morning’s Inbound 2012 keynote by co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, during which they unveiled an entirely new version of their product: HubSpot 3.

Oh, and they announced a HubSpot iPhone app, too.

HubSpot 3 Features

Halligan opened the keynote with a review of where inbound marketing has been and where it’s going (more on that below) and then Shah came out and ran through several of the new features in HubSpot 3. Here are a few of the cooler ones, excerpted from the company’s press release:

Social Segmentation: HubSpot tracks not only the website and email activity of your contacts, but their social media activity as well, including who clicks on your company’s social media posts and if they become leads and customers.

Mobile App: Available for free in the Apple app store…The app includes a view into a marketer’s lead generation flow, the award-winning marketing grader app, and a quick reference of contacts in the HubSpot platform.

Workflows: Workflows leverage the enormous amount of data in the Contacts database and a series of rules set by the marketer to create dynamically evolving segments and automate marketing actions. More than email automation, workflow enables marketers to trigger campaigns, change contact profile properties, score leads, send notifications, and sync to a CRM system based on when a lead has met a set of conditions.

Read more on HubSpot’s blog.

The Inspiration

Shah said again that HubSpot takes its inspiration from Apple, and, in particular, from how the iPhone combined phone, camera, email, etc. into one device. But the model for the company’s next wave of innovation is actually Amazon.

HubSpot Unveils Overhauled Product at #Inbound12, Along With an iPhone App

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