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HubSpot Plans to Build Out 40-Person Team Around New Signals Product in 2014

December 23, 2013
by Gillis Bernard

After only five months on the market, HubSpot's new product Signals has brought the company great success. And the all-in-one inbound marketing leader is prepared to take advantage of its potential.

In August, at HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference, CEO and Co-founder Dharmesh Shah introduced Signals, a new software product designed to help salespeople manage their leads more effectively. (And, at the time, seemed strikingly similar to Boston startup Yesware's main offering.)

Due to high demand for the new product, the company is arranging for Signals to operate as its own entity, according to the Boston Business Journal.

The company currently has 11 employees working on Signals. Director of Product Management Christopher O'Donnell is also acting as general manager of the Signals team.

O'Donnell told the Boston Business Journal that the company expects the Signals team to expand into its own spot in the company's Cambridge offices, which it plans to grow into "very quickly."

Since Signals' August debut, 26,000 users have used the email-tracking product. With Signals, salespeople can see if and when a customer lead opens an email, allowing them to adjust their timing and responses. HubSpot offers up Signals' core features for free; its paid features include integration with Salesforce and HubSpot.

The product is compatible with both Gmail and Outlook, and HubSpot has plans to make Signals available through Apple Mail in the coming weeks, as well.

The news of Signals' expansion comes mere days after a former HubSpot sales representative sued the company in a dispute over overtime.

HubSpot Plans to Build Out 40-Person Team Around New Signals Product in 2014

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