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HubSpot looks to follow in Akamai's footsteps

February 15, 2012
Boston Business Journal
by Kyle Alspach

HubSpot CEO and co-founder Brian Halligan has made no secret of the fact that his marketing software company wants to grow big, go public, and stay in Cambridge.

“There are not a lot of anchor companies” in the Boston area, Halligan said in an interview last fall. “We’d like to become an anchor company.”

HubSpot has now added some firepower for achieving that ambition. This week, the company brought on an exec who knows what it’s like to help lead an anchor tech company in the Boston area, with J.D. Sherman leaving as CFO of Cambridge-based Akamai Technologies to become the COO of HubSpot.

It’s a move that should help position the company for that eventual IPO, among other things. “JD’s going to make an awesome addition to the team as he’s seen the movie before at Akamai and IBM before that,” Halligan said in an e-mail today.

In December I posted about the efforts of HubSpot — a pioneer in the area of in-bound marketing software — to expand with software that helps companies to personalize the web experience for their site visitors.The company’s revenue exceeded $30 million last year, double what it received in 2010.

HubSpot’s goal, Halligan said in the e-mail, continues to be “to build a sustainable, large, west coast style company here in Boston.”

“We are making progress, but have a lot of work to do,” he said.

HubSpot looks to follow in Akamai's footsteps

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