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HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Helps Agencies Grow Their Business

August 16, 2011
Marketing Pilgrim
by Frank Reed

Over the past several years there has been a movement in the marketing world that represents a paradigm shift from traditional marketing tactics and techniques to the adoption of inbound marketing strategies.

One of the pioneers that has helped popularize the discipline of inbound marketing is HubSpot. The company has created and grown a technology platform which allows companies of all sizes to take full advantage of the most effective tools and techniques in the online space and has helped over 5,000 businesses transition their marketing efforts from the ways of the past to the promise of the future.

Sounds like marketing fluff, right? Well, it’s not and here’s why. Along with the individual businesses that have recognized the power of inbound marketing and the importance of having a technology platform to run and manage all the various elements (blogging, SEO, social media etc), agencies of all sizes have jumped onboard as well.

I had a chance to speak with Pete Caputa who is the VAR Sales and Marketing Manager for HubSpot. The first time I spoke with Pete was almost three ago when the HubSpot channel partner program was just getting underway. What a difference three years can make. Our conversation covered the history of HubSpot’s work with agencies, the impact of the program on the business of HubSpot, their agency partners and businesses as well as a look into future plans.

MP: How did HubSpot’s partner efforts start?

Caputa: Well, it wasn’t something that everyone at the company immediately loved. Several years ago we were generating around 10,000 leads per month through our own inbound marketing efforts and we found that 11% of those leads were agencies and consultants. Of course, as salespeople there is the notion that if you have the agency working with you it’s a clear path to having their clients do the same.

We had a lot of “We want to learn your software” inquiries, which turned into demos which then, unfortunately, often turned into no action. Over time these agency contacts were not performing so the support to go after them with a program was hard to find.

I kept at the idea but we found that even with agencies that bought in we had a low close rate for getting businesses to use the HubSpot inbound marketing software platform. Things started to change though.

To make a long story short after about 4 months of personal production that was at 150% of our direct reps (while also being a sales engineer), we started our program.

Read the rest of the interview here:

HubSpot: Inbound Marketing Helps Agencies Grow Their Business

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