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Hubspot featured in the Boston Globe: What Makes a Company a “Top Place to Work”?

February 14, 2011
Boston Globe

In November, we released our 2010 list of the Top Places to Work in Massachusetts. Recently, we caught up with three businesses that were honored on the list – HubSpot, Renewal by Andersen, and South Shore Hospital – to see what they have been up to since the results came out.

Read on to see exactly what makes these three companies such great workplaces, and what they are doing to improve themselves.

Have a relaxed environment

HubSpot, a Cambridge-based business software company, won the distinction of being ranked fourth among small employers on the Globe’s 2010 Top Places to Work list due to a relaxed work environment that honors employees. The company eases the atmosphere usually seen in a work place by installing a ping-pong table for workers, a refrigerator stocked with beer and having unlimited vacation days.

Enhance employee ‘funture’

HubSpot also works to increase the value of “funture” – or the company’s term for “fun” and “culture” – by hosting programs for employees to interact and share ideas. Such programs include seminars like “Business Blogging - Content That Doesn’t Suck,” shown here, and company outings such as ski trips, dinner outings and festivals. HubSpot also has an internal wiki discussion board where employees can post requests and proposals.

Foster a happy environment

HubSpot salesperson Danielle Herzberg, pictured here, calls HubSpot a “happy place to work” because of the friendly environment and the discussion board that gives everyone a voice.

“My coworkers are my friends,” Herzberg said. “A beer fridge is nice, a ping-pong table is nice, unlimited vacation is nice, but that’s not what gets anybody out of bed in the morning.”

Reward employees

Renewal by Andersen - a window and door installer with a regional office in Northborough - held an awards ceremony for its employees that highlighted achievements in 18 categories. The company was ranked third among small employers due in part to the company’s efforts to show employees their value. They reward people who have gone above and beyond what was asked. Here, Kevin Wood, right, accepts the award for outstanding homeowner satisfaction.

Give out prizes

Besides rewarding individual employees in their accomplishments, Renewal by Andersen also gives our prizes to whole teams for reaching certain goals. For example, when a canvassing crew reached an ambitious goal, they were each rewarded with either dinner at a fancy restaurant or tickets to a mixed martial arts fight. It won’t be surprising to learn that everyone picked the fighting tickets.

Value your employees’ accomplishments

Renewal by Andersen’s employees love their jobs because of how it feels to have your accomplishments rewarded. “We need to show [employees] not just with money, but with acknowledgment, how valuable they are,” one of the employees said.

Give employees a voice

South Shore Hospital was named sixth in the large employers category, and to improve its standing, is constituting a “bright ideas” program that encourages employees to submit ideas directly to upper management. The company also holds quarterly town hall meetings that feature an open question-and-answer session with the chief executive.

Constantly improve the company

South Shore Hospital told the Boston Globe that they were honored by their ranking but they want to improve for next year. Sandra Geiger, vice president for performance excellence at the hospital said that “We were mad that we weren’t in the top three… but we want to be speaking at the next awards.” The “bright ideas” program is just one effort by the hospital to improve their work environment.

Value employees’ opinions

Jake Smith, a food service worker at the hospital, pictured here on the right, said that he loves working at South Shore Hospital because it makes the employees feel valued and integral to the running of the hospital. When the hospital recently renovated the cafeteria, for example, employees were asked what modifications would allow them to do their jobs better.

“That gives you a sense that you’re more involved because you know what’s going on throughout the entire hospital, not just your department,” Smith said.

Hubspot featured in the Boston Globe: What Makes a Company a “Top Place to Work”?

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