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GrabCAD Announces Workbench Summer 2014 Release

June 18, 2014
Press Release

GrabCAD announced the July 1 Summer Release of GrabCAD Workbench, the leading cloud-based PDM solution. Already boasting CAD file management and external collaboration features, Workbench makes it easy for midsized companies to tackle CAD file management in a serious way.

The Summer Release includes a number of new features as well as enhancements to existing features.

New Capabilities Include:

● Flexible search capabilities Search on metadata such as date, type, author, revision, version, and custom file properties
● “Whereused” reports Shows where a part is used in other assemblies
● Assembly BOM Views Display, filter, and export the parts list of any CAD assembly
● Configuration and family table support view different configurations and family members of parts and assemblies from major CAD systems

Many engineering organizations rely on more than one CAD provider, so Workbench is designed to support them all. This “multiCAD” approach is supported by a number of new CADspecific enhancements:

● SOLIDWORKS Intelligent notifications alert users of document changes such as when a file is locked or affected by changes to another document
● Creo Automatically detects the latest Creo file for upload; view native parts, assemblies, and drawings
● Autodesk Support for 3D DWG

In addition to these new features, GrabCAD has made more than 100 enhancements to existing features over the last six months, including:

● Revision control links assembly revision to part revision
● Version control and backup restore deleted files or restore to a point in time
● File locking Lock status now available inside SOLIDWORKS Workbench add-in Workbench has seen rapid adoption among midsized manufacturers.

“The PDM functionality in Workbench allows us to manage our CAD files and ensures every team member, both internally and externally around the world, is using the correct design revision,” said Cameron Mitchell, product development engineer, Hogtunes. Companies like Hogtunes need powerful capabilities, ease of use, and low cost of ownership, and GrabCAD Workbench provides all three.

GrabCAD Announces Workbench Summer 2014 Release

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