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Conductor’s Social Metric Packet Included In Google +1

August 12, 2011
by Gavin Dunaway

ADOTAS – It seems the team at enterprise SEO software-maker Conductor have been busy little bees. This week the company announced the integration of a comprehensive set of social metrics for its SEO managment platform Searchlight through SEO Cloud, which allows third-party marketing platforms to interact and exchange data with the platform.

How comprehensive are these social metrics? Well, you got Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and… Google +1. Apparently, Conductor is the first SEO operator to incorporate data from the nascent social signal.

This development follows a rehaul of the SEO software’s user interface last month, with new features such as instant email reports for sharing SEO data across an organization; category management and reporting integration; and advanced filtering options.

Conductor also recently topped 500 brands using its platform, including bog boys like General Electric, FedEx and AOL. Check out the full list here.

Conductor’s Social Metric Packet Included In Google +1

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