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Gilt Taste Arrives, With Ruth Reichl at the Helm

May 17, 2011
New York Times
by Florence Fabricant

Along with selling high-end clothing and luxury travel online, the Gilt Groupe has started Gilt Taste, offering artisanal hard-to-find foods. Some are exclusive and some have been sold only to chefs. Ruth Reichl, the former editor of Gourmet magazine and former restaurant critic of The New York Times, is its editorial adviser, curating the selections, as well as editing essays, articles and recipes that will be included.

There are a number of meat purveyors on the site. “Artisanal meat is hard for people outside New York City to get,” said Ms. Reichl, “and there are ethical eaters out there who care about this.” And who, presumably, can afford $30 to nearly $200 a pound (plus shipping) for steaks. “This is a luxury brand,” Ms. Reichl said.

That also explains the many truffle products Gilt sells. Chocolates, charcuterie, caviar, king salmon, high-end vinegars, ethnic items like Afghan mezze, fancy popcorn and West Coast oysters shipped within a day of harvest are also sold. Some purveyors, like Payard chocolates, D’Artagnan meats and Lady M cakes, are familiar in New York but not elsewhere. Selections from Murray’s Cheese are Gilt’s alone.

Ms. Reichl will also be editing pieces by writers like Barry Estabrook, Mitchell Davis and Rachel Wharton, and chefs, including Laurent Gras, John Besh and Michael Laiskonis. An illustrated essay about wild mushrooms with a link to ones for sale is magazine-worthy, and, when the site gets going, will include recipes.

Gilt Taste Arrives, With Ruth Reichl at the Helm

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