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Framehawk- Cloud Computing: Cloud Startups Prevail at Under the Radar Conference

May 04, 2012
by Chris Preimesberger

Dealmaker Media’s twice-yearly Under the Radar conference showcases some promising startup companies, and there’s a lot of competition by entrepreneurs to get into it so they can show off their latest ventures. DM’s spring event was held April 26 at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, Calif. Each of the 32 companies selected gets six minutes on stage with the all-important PowerPoint, SlideRocket or video presentation to try to impress a group of skeptical venture capitalists looking for companies with good ideas and at least the potential for good execution. The theme this time was “Consumerization of IT,” reflecting the surging trend of bringing consumer devices and cloud services into enterprises. Most of the companies showed cloud-service-related products. Chances are good that if a company is a finalist to present at UTR, it will receive funding of some kind—whether from a venture capitalist, an angel investor or other source. These are companies—carefully selected by Dealmaker Media founder Debbie Landa and her team—that are likely to be serious IT influencers in the months and years to come. Following are short descriptions of 10 of this year’s award-winners, as voted on by the judges and audience members. eWEEK will examine many of these in closer detail in the weeks and months to come.

Best in Show, Mobile Access: Audience

Framehawk makes software that enables enterprises to quickly develop and deliver secure mobile client apps for their critical business applications. With the Framehawk platform, enterprises can provide high-fidelity native client apps for the iPad, Android or whatever device users choose, ensuring LAN-like performance even over unreliable mobile networks. Framehawk lets organizations leverage new or existing applications, blend public and private content, while preventing data leakage by never allowing data to leave an enterprise’s data center.  Framehawk is based in San Francisco.

Framehawk- Cloud Computing: Cloud Startups Prevail at Under the Radar Conference

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