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Empirix Continues to Deliver on Promise of UC Assurance

New offering ensures proper testing of Session Border Controllers, delivers comprehensive monitoring component for UC services

May 17, 2011
Press Release

Empirix Inc., a market leader of service quality assurance solutions for end-to-end comprehensive customer experience management of mobile broadband and IP-based communications systems, today announced the general availability of a new UC Assurance solution as part of its recently launched Unified Communications (UC) Assurance Platform. Consisting of a Session Border Controller (SBC) testing service and OneSight® VQInspector 2.0, this new solution is designed to ensure that a network is operating at optimum performance while both consumers and business users enjoy a consistent, high-quality UC experience.

Empirix’s UC Assurance Platform is the industry’s only end-to-end testing and monitoring platform for multi-channel systems. It empowers network operators and enterprises to test their voice and video applications in the pre-deployment stage and, once deployed, maintain a consistent standard of quality as these applications evolve over time. The SBC testing service specifically ensures that an organization’s SBCs are properly deployed throughout the network, while OneSight VQInspector 2.0 delivers passive voice quality monitoring to complement Empirix’s existing probe solutions for a truly comprehensive UC monitoring solution.

“The user experience, and the quality of that experience, is one of the leading reasons customers prefer one company over another,” said Blair Pleasant, Unified Communications Industry Analyst and Co-Founder of UCStrategies. “As voice, data and video converge on today’s networks, ensuring a high-quality experience every time is essential, and can only be done with accurate testing and monitoring. With the ability to provide reporting and monitoring capabilities from end-to-end, Empirix has proven that they are a leader in UC network quality assurance.”

Empirix’s SBC testing service adds a critical component to the Company’s end-to-end system for assuring services on complex communication networks. Not only is this offering the industry’s first SBC test package that can be delivered as a cloud-based service, but it also includes the ability to deliver multi-service testing, accounting for the migration of voice and video to a data infrastructure. Additionally, this offering gives organizations the ability to report and measure actual voice and video quality as experienced by the user.

OneSight VQInspector 2.0 is a device probe that enables users to leverage both active and passive methods – a capability that only Empirix offers – to monitor and manage voice and video quality. The new solution provides a number of proactive metrics designed to alert network managers about issues even before they may be reported by users. These features include actionable information to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), consolidation of UC solutions and specialized dashboards and reporting.

“With this solution, Empirix underscores its commitment to helping enterprises and service providers ensure their UC deployments,” said Tim Moynihan, vice president of marketing, Empirix. “Session Border Controllers play a critical role in enabling and protecting UC services; they provide the means to ensure the UC quality of experience can be guaranteed. In addition, voice still plays a vital role in UC deployments, meaning that the ability to continuously monitor voice quality is essential to delivering an overall high-quality UC experience.”

The UC Assurance offering can be delivered through a variety of means. Enterprise and service provider customers can choose to deploy via “on-premise” equipment, or could leverage Empirix’s cloud-based infrastructure in a Managed Service deployment, for ubiquity and global presence.

For more information about UC Assurance, please visit: www.ucassurance.com.

About Empirix

Empirix is a market leader of service quality assurance solutions for comprehensive customer experience management and end-to-end communication analysis of mobile broadband and IP-based communications systems. The company offers a complete suite of products and services designed to address the quality and interoperability challenges posed by the increased use of mobile broadband, LTE, converged voice and unified communications in both IT and Telecom Environments. The world’s largest communication service providers and enterprises depend on Empirix’s proactive and predictive correlation solutions to assure the quality of their business-critical communication networks, resulting in greatly improved customer loyalty. Empirix is privately held and headquartered in Bedford, MA. For further information, please visit www.empirix.com.

Empirix Continues to Deliver on Promise of UC Assurance

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