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Echo Nest Powers New App to Deliver News About Your Favorite Artists as You Listen

August 05, 2011
by Justin Bomberowitz

According to Mashable, Somerville-based The Echo Nest, a music intelligence company, has partnered with The Public Radio Exchange to create an app that will funnel music news to you based on your own iTunes account.

You can download Bandito in the Apple App Store and once the application runs through your iTunes, it will give you recommendations for new artists based on the music you have previously listened to.  If you are a real music junky, you can get all the latest news about the bands and even get an alert when your beloved band makes huge headlines.

The Echo Nest’s customer reach is now north of 100 million music fans per month through almost 200 music applications on the Echo Nest platform.  This latest application upgrade won’t set the user back any money if you are fine with a limited amount of articles.  If you become hooked and can’t live with the music news, users can pay a one time fee ($1.99) for unlimited access to news. Whether you are a music fanatic or even just a casual listener that likes to keep an eye on your favorite bands—it would be worth the investment.  Who knows, your new found music knowledge could help you take down a trivia contest in the near future.

Some of the team members over at The Echo Nest noted that using the app on someone else’s phone will more often than not reveal song that are guilty pleasures.  What are you friends really listening to? The app will help you find that out.

Just over a month ago, The Echo Nest launched Echoprint, an open-sourced music fingerprint service that developers can use to help tag songs that they like. Shazam is currently the big name in the music identifying space.

Echo Nest Powers New App to Deliver News About Your Favorite Artists as You Listen

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