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Dolphin's Android Browswer Spears $10M Investment

July 19, 2011
by Ben Woods

MoboTap, the company behind the development of the Dolphin mobile browser for Android devices, has secured millions of dollars in investment funding to further development of the software.

The company announced the $10m (£6.2m) of funding from Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners on Monday. MoboTap said it will use the money to expedite the development of the Dolphin browser, as well as “expansion into new market segments”.

The Dolphin browser was launched for Android devices in March 2010 and has already attracted eight million users, MoboTap said.

In addition to the investment, the company also launched Dolphin Browser HD 6, the most recent version of the mobile browser.

The milestone update includes new features such as gesture controls: for example, drawing a ‘G’ on the screen to open Google or drawing a heart shape to open the Match.com dating site.

It also adds a ‘Webzine’ feature that displays selected websites as thumbnails. Tapping a thumbnail opens the site. Like other mobile browsers, such as Firefox Mobile for Android, Dolphin also supports tabbed browsing.

The browser also now supports add-ons, similar to the Firefox web browser.

“With more than 50 Add-ons and counting, users can customise Dolphin by changing its looks and feel. Dolphin also integrates with popular services, such as Google Translate, Password Managers, YouTube Search and Ad Blocker,” MoboTap said in a statement.

The Dolphin HD browser is available to download free from the Android Market.

Dolphin's Android Browswer Spears $10M Investment

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