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Disruptor of the Day: The Monahan Brothers & Inflection – Controlling The Data Deluge

March 15, 2012
by Bill Klump

Over the last decade and in particular the last five years we’ve seen an incredible evolution in technology.  Communication devices, and internet platforms have fundamentally changed the way we live and work.  This also has resulted in massive amounts of data that needs to be organized.  Businesses keep vast troves of data about things like online shopping behavior, or millions of changes in weather patterns, or trillions of financial transactions — information that goes by the generic name of big data.

Now, more companies are trying to make sense of what the data can tell them about how to do business better.  That, in turn, is fueling demand for people who can make sense of the information, and that’s where our “Disruptor of the Day” comes in.


Before I jump into why we chose Inflection and the Monahan brothers as our “Disruptor of the Day”, I must tell you I have “workplace envy”.  Inflection’s culture is one every brilliant mind would want to be a part of.  If you ever get a chance to jump over to their website, check out the historical timeline the company has put together and notice how many company trips they’ve taken to places like Hawaii, Napa, Vegas etc… FUN!

Also if you’re young, perhaps in college or grad school and looking for a place to intern or get your feet wet, there is no better place than Inflection; that is if you can get in.  It’s probably more difficult to become one of Inflection’s 12 for 12 than it is for someone to get into Yale or Harvard.  Again I’m not looking to spend a lot of time on this subject, but if this is you and you think you’d be interested in checking out Infection’s 12 for 12 program click here.  (Sorry I didn’t mean for that sound so much like a commercial)

It seems everything the team at Inflection sets out to do has meaning and purpose, right down to the very meaning of their name – An inflection point is a point on a curve at which the sign of the curvature changes.  Inflection is a metaphor inspired by the rapid growth of technology and the internet’s transformative impact on the world.

  Probably the most important invention since the printing press – and still in its formative years – the Internet has “changed the rules”, much like a curve changes sign at an inflection point. Our business thrives on finding practical inflection points in society and being the first to adopt these new paradigms.

  The idea for the name Inflection came from Andy Grove’s book Only the Paranoid Survive and a speech by Ray Kurzweil at the Singularity Summit.

Although a clever company name, and a really cool place to work are great, it is not the criteria we use to choose our “Disruptor of the Day”, so lets jump into what makes Inflection so disruptive and unique.

Inflection’s products float on what they call STORM, their proprietary technology platform.  Since 2007, Inflection has continued to expand its reach as they push deeper into an ocean of exciting new frontiers.

So what makes STORM so powerful:

  Payments infrastructure for flexible
  merchandising and billing

  Affiliate software for partners and
  3rd-party programs

  In-house analytics to enable
  continuous optimization and

  Integrated marketing technology
  for PPC and SEO

  Ad server centralization for broad
  reach and targeting

  Automation for important
  customer support processes
  and internal tasks

  Warehousing and indexing for
  hundreds of unique data sets

  Scalable search platform with
  robust APIs

  Real-time opt-out and “fuzzy
  match” algorithms

  PCI compliance and
  state-of-the-art security

  Anti-fraud algorithms and
  abuse-detection systems

  Internal productivity tools to
  enable agile development

  Social networking authentication
  and back-end API’s

Infection are also the creators of Archives.com and PeopleSmart.

Disruptor of the Day: The Monahan Brothers & Inflection – Controlling The Data Deluge

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