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Daily Deal Media’s Video Tour of Gilt City Manhattan

November 17, 2011
Daily Deal Media
by Kara Kamenec

Daily Deal Media was given an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of Gilt City Manhattan’s office on Friday, October 28th, 2011, just prior to the company’s announcement of the BuyWithMe acquisition. The environment proved to be not only impressive, but more importantly full of contagiously high spirits and enthusiasm from staff all around.  From the mid-morning bagels and “Friday Trivia,”(in full festiveness this particular Friday featuring a pumpkin carving contest) to the eagerness of every employee to shine a smile and enthusiastically explain their role in the company, it wasn’t hard to tell this was more than a place of work, it was a community of vivacity where exciting developments were unfolding.

Caitlyn Carpanzano, Public Relations Manager of Gilt City Manhattan, energetically guided the lively tour introducing staff from all departments from a friendly front desk associate to the bold Editor-In-Chief, to explain how Gilt City does, so well, what it does.

The first group introduced was the Merchant Service Associates, or MSA, division in charge of vendor relations. These individuals put together sales for the Gilt site and work hard with the merchant to ensure all parties benefit. Daniel Wright, an eager Gilt City MSA elaborated:

“After curators go out and sign the deal with the restaurant, salon or whoever we’re working with, we are the point person of contact after that. So we setup and deal with the vendor, we sent them out the preview and we work with them in all aspects of the sale. The editorial, the copy, the creative. Then after the sale is done we get them setup with redeeming the vouchers in the system. We see them through the whole, entire adventure.”

As Carpanzano, took us further in the office, she explained how Gilt operates so efficiently in multiple cities – a challenge many of their competitors have failed to master. To work as a large company, yet still have a local essence, the company actively employs persons in these specific areas to better understand area and meet customer and merchant needs.

“We have local teams on the ground in all of our cities that are native to the market and know what the tastes and desires of their community members are better than anyone.”

Small details like these are one of many tactics Gilt City uses to gain and maintain their advancing competitive edge. We took a stop at Gilt City’s News Board, bearing witness to their achievements. Top fashion magazines, major media icons and more were gracefully laid out in a very modest, but still very impressive manner. And incase the News Board wasn’t enough to keep the sales rhythm going, the office showcases a playful “Big Sales Bell,” to be rung every time a sale is made.

Another tactic Gilt implements is their involvement in the social media scene. Mae Karwowski, the Associate Manager of Social Media, makes involvement in this media medium a stable in the company. Gilt City has a constantly growing database of fans and followers in the social realm. The proof? Since our visit two weeks ago, some of their social media connections have almost doubled, especially with their Facebook page.

We also had the opportunity to meet with Ben Widdicombe, Editor-In-Chief. His voice alone sells their company model, as he explains how the Gilt City content stays so diverse and accurate:

“I have a team oft twelve and we have a lot of freelance writers who we rely on with different expertise’s… We have beauty experts, Broadway experts, and fitness experts and they are the ones who contribute the copy to the sale.”

Everything Gilt does goes above and beyond industry standards, and it shows. We got the chance to speak with Angela McManamom, Senior Director of Regional Sales in the East Coast for Gilt City who verbalized an illustration of the bare essentials that attest to the company’s success:

“Every day we’re aggressively going out and getting the best of the best. Our sales pitch may be a little bit longer, but we’re bringing in the most coveted brands, with the highest percentage off and with great margins. So we’re still keeping it competitive”.

Some quick facts we learned from our Gilt City experience:

  60% of Gilt City Members look for an experience or offer they have never tried before
  89% of Gilt City’s Members live within their city limits, or less than an hour outside
  75% of Gilt City Members had never visited the feature partner prior to their purchase
  70% of Gilt City Members are likely to rebook with the business they visit
  90% of Gilt City Members share their Gilt City experience with two or more friends

Enjoy the video and exclusive pictures here:

Daily Deal Media’s Video Tour of Gilt City Manhattan

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