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Crossbeam Announces Availability of ESG Research Brief: Security Architecture for Server Virtualization

Leading Research Firm Outlines Crossbeam’s ‘Practical Solution’ to Security Control and Management as Organizations Move to Cloud Computing

April 05, 2011
Press Release

Crossbeam Systems, Inc., the leading provider of next-generation security platforms for high-performance networks, today announced the availability of a research brief from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), an integrated, full-service IT analyst and business strategy firm. The brief, titled “Crossbeam Systems’ Pragmatic Security Architecture for Server Virtualization,” looks at the trend toward server virtualization and the challenges this presents for mission-critical application workloads such as security.

“Server virtualization is seen as an enabling technology for cloud computing, but security remains an obstacle to more pervasive adoption of the technology,” said Jon Oltisk, senior principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Crossbeam provides security solutions that can help organizations retain control and provision security as they would in the physical world through its ‘LAN-in-box’ approach, offering a very attractive solution to companies that are looking to create more of a virtual IT infrastructure.”

Brief Abstract: The server virtualization train has left the station—large and small organizations are virtualizing production workloads as quickly as they can. Regrettably, security has remained an afterthought. CISOs understand which security safeguards are needed for physical servers, but they lack the skills, best practices, and tools to apply the same control to virtual assets. As a result, they tend to do what they can with what they have. ESG appreciates the wisdom in sticking with what works, but the challenge here is scaling these best practices as the number of VMs in production skyrockets over the next few years. Crossbeam Systems offers a practical solution to this problem by relying on physical server-based trust zones, virtual network security services, and the networking and security scalability of its X-Series security platforms.

To download a copy of the research brief, please visit http://www.crossbeam.com/solutions/private-cloud/resource/.

About Crossbeam

Crossbeam Systems®, Inc. offers a proven approach to deploying network security that meets the extreme performance, scalability and reliability demands of large enterprises, service providers and government agencies. Its leading X-Series security platform offers an open, high-performance architecture that easily provisions and scales multiple best-in-class security applications to meet the ever-changing threat landscape. Companies rely on Crossbeam to intelligently manage risk, accelerate and maintain compliance, and protect their businesses from evolving threats. Crossbeam is headquartered in Boxborough, Mass., and has offices in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. More information is available at www.crossbeam.com.

Crossbeam Announces Availability of ESG Research Brief: Security Architecture for Server Virtualization

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